X8 Folding Bicycle

Review of the latest Element Fold X8 folding bicycle for June 2021. Hello, bicycle lovers in the country, especially folding bike fans. Back again with Gowes Lovers, the place for the most up-to-date bike info. For you fans of folding bikes, here is one of the bicycles produced by Element Bike that is on the rise. For the price, it is quite affordable in the 2 million price range. Immediately, this is the Element Fold X 8 Folding Bike from the Element Bike manufacturer. As usual, I will review starting from the specifications and of course the latest prices in June 2021. Here’s the explanation.


The newest Element Fold X 8 Folding Bike uses steel materials. The advantage of this steel material is flexibility. So if you receive a heavy load it will not break easily, maybe just bent. Steel material is also relatively cheap but also has good quality, is strong and durable.

If the steel frame is damaged or dented, it will be easy to repair, in contrast to the alloy material which is quite difficult to repair or even cannot be repaired. The welding joint also looks small and combined with glossy paint it looks elegant. The Element Fold X 8 Folding Bike has 2 color variants, namely white-black and gray-red.

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The newest Element Fold X 8 Folding Bike is quite easy to fold and unfold. The folding and unfolding process is also smooth after several tries and the folds are strong, sturdy and don’t wobble.


The newest Element Fold X 8 folding bike has an alloy handlebar and handlepost. The stem of this series can be adjusted from ION. The handlepost of this series has a straight shape with a permanent height or cannot be raised and lowered. Then the handlegrip part already uses a lock system so that when it is held it doesn’t slip or spin easily.

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