Things You Need To Know About Bike Pedal

Things You Need To Know About Bike Pedal – And of course, just like for the contact pedals, you will need special shoes and spikes, which are fastened with three bolts (usually included). The spike is composite or plastic and is wide across the sole. The contact shoes for road pedals with very rigid soles do not have a tread, which makes it almost impossible to walk in them. The most popular among cycling enthusiasts and professionals are Shimano, Look, Wellgo and others. Some road owners still prefer mountain pedals for their versatility. The price is quite varied, ranging from $ 40-60 and above.

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Pedal maintenance

Whether your bike pedal are inexpensive or well protected, it is recommended that you check the bearings and relubricate them once a season. For pedals with poor moisture and dust protection, it is necessary to change the lubricant immediately, as soon as a characteristic crunch appears in the bearing.

When servicing the pedals, first remove the remnants of old grease and dirt with a rag or paper towel. You need to clean the cups inside the body, the axle and the balls. If this is an industrial bearing; then the boot must first be removed from it and then the old grease must be removed. After the old grease has been removed, a new one can be applied. To do this, you can use lithol or a special lubricant that is sold in every bike store.

In order to protect the stud holes (if you are removing them) from dirt, you can fill them with wax. Periodically, it is also recommended to check whether the nuts on the axle are loose; but it is also not worth tightening them too tightly. It is best to have a change of footwear for cycling to reduce the chance of pedal contamination.