Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle

Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle

Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle – Good day, my dear riders! Once again, I am glad to welcome you to my blog and today I prepared a small review of the package that I received from China – the Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 saddle. You might be interested in this product.

Why Rubar?

I’ll start my story, perhaps, by explaining why my choice fell on this particular saddle. Do not judge strictly, but I have been a cyclist for quite some time now and I just trudge with how my bike is being transformed with every new detail. Rubar 1481 was the highlight that transformed the look of my Bianchi Kuma. And it’s not just the saddle design. Its color scheme was just perfect for the overall style of the bike. But all its advantages, in comparison with a conventional saddle, and the disadvantages I will describe below.

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In general, a city bike is an economy class bike, just for those people who use it for purely economic, practical purposes and just for recreation. So far, modern city bikes are still in the minority on our roads due to poor development of bicycle infrastructure. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been a steady increase in the acquisition of city bicycles, because many people find something for themselves in them: style and beauty (choppers, cruisers), mobility (folding), convenience (comfortable), etc.

Citibikes are also low maintenance and very practical. Already in many cities of Asia and Europe, the bicycle has long been almost the main means of promotion. Let’s not lag behind the entire civilized world, because cycling is a guarantee of good health and good mood!

Well friends, I hope that you have easily figured out what a city bike is. In the following articles I will look at the rest of the subspecies of citybikes, so see you soon!