Mountain Bike Operating Tips

Mountain Bike Operating Tips

Mountain Bike Operating Tips –¬†Switching to tubeless wheels will require an initial investment, but the benefits are substantial. You can ride with less pressure, but with more grip. Also, if you ride on trails with thorns or sharp stones, the chances of puncture are significantly reduced compared to using conventional cameras.

Tubeless patches

When you have a hole or cut in your tubeless tube, it may seem like you need to luxuriate on a new one. But now several companies are offering tubeless patches. These are either small worms that need to be tucked in from the outside, or patches from the inside. Both of them often live to the very end of the tire.

A stuck seatpost

This tip will not only help you save money, but also prevent a big problem when trying to pull a carbon seatpost out of your frame. In case you weren’t aware, the carbon post sticks to the inside of the carbon frame, just as it sticks to the inside of the aluminum frame.

What to do about it? It’s simple. You need to apply some special paste to fix the carbon parts to the tube or seat. It will help secure the seatpost and keep you from sticking to each other. Believe me, this can be very unpleasant.

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Protective film

Protective film (like oracal) or special decals are a great addition to your mountain bike. It will not allow any pebbles and cables to spoil and wipe your frame. For example, this will help keep the top feather from dangling from the chain. Also, stickers in those places where the cables touch the steering tube will not be superfluous. It can even be glued to the top tube where you rub against the frame with your knees.