Best Type of Bicycle

Best Type of Bicycle

Recommendations for the best type of bicycle that you must have. Cycling has become one of the activities carried out lately. By cycling, of course, can increase awareness of health and reduce air pollution. However, for those of you who want to buy cheap bicycles in Bandung, then you can also listen to some of the best types of bicycles below.

Folding bike

The first type, a folding bike is one type of vehicle that you must have. Because, when you first see it, you will fall in love with the design and model. This folding bike has the advantage that its body can be folded and is easy to store or carry.

So, you can bring this bike to the apartment, put it in the trunk of the car or take it to the train. Generally, this type of folding bike will be very suitable to be carried anywhere, especially for riding on paved roads. However, try not to use this one bike for tough terrain.

As for the size itself, this type of bike is divided into two types. First, the standard sizes are 16 and 20 inches. And there is also a large size that is 24 inches. For those of you who want to buy it, you can also get it at Venus Bike which is a cheap bicycle shop in Bandung.

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Road Bike or Racing Bike

In addition, you can also choose a road bike or a racing bike. Just as the name suggests, this one bike is devoted to racing. Compared to other bicycles, this type of road bike has a lighter weight. So, he is able to drive faster when on the highway.

No half-hearted, this one bike has a speed of up to 60 km per hour without using a shock breaker. The hallmark of this one bike is also easy to see, which you can immediately know based on the steering wheel it has. Where for the steering wheel of this racing bike has a curved shape at the end.

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Preparing the Bike Wheels

Preparing the Bike Wheels

Before you start preparing the bike wheels, you need to understand how the bike will be stored. If the bike will stand on wheels all winter, then you need to inflate the tires to the maximum allowable value, which is indicated on the sidewall of the tire. In this case, in winter, you need to check the tires from time to time so that they are always inflated – otherwise they will crumple under the weight of the bike and crack.

If you plan to keep the bike in suspension, then you can safely reduce the tire pressure.

Delivering the batteries

When storing bike for a long time, especially in case of temperature extremes, remove the batteries from the headlight, taillight and bike computer. Otherwise, not only the batteries may oxidize, but also the contacts in the devices themselves, which will render them unusable.

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Folding the bike

After you have completely prepared the bike for winter storage and decided where and in what condition it will be stored, you may find that it will interfere with you and its “parking” will take up a lot of space. In this case, even a non-folding bike can be partially “folded”. For example, you can turn the steering wheel 90 degrees (so that it becomes parallel to the frame); by first loosening the nuts and removing the front wheel. You can also install the pedals “inward” – turning them out of the cranks and wrapping them from the inside. In addition, the saddle should be lowered or removed to save space. As such, your bike will take up significantly less space.


After we have completely prepared the bike for wintering, we are looking forward to the next cycling season … Good luck everyone!

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Bike Cleaning Is Important

Bike Cleaning Is Important

Before storing the bike for winter storage bike cleaning is important. So the first thing to do is wash your bike thoroughly and wipe it dry. The chain must be cleaned of old grease, dried, and then greased again – for this, a special grease is used. Gear shifters, brake pivots and rear derailleur rollers should be lubricated with lithol or other specialized products. We advise you to wipe the clean frame with a soft cloth soaked in machine oil (just drop a few drops). After this treatment, a thin protective film forms on the frame, due to which dust will not adhere. To protect the tires from cracking, they need to be treated with a special silicone spray.

Another option is on a glazed loggia (balcony). In this case, it is enough to protect bike from direct sunlight by covering it with a thick cloth, opaque film or something similar. If in winter the temperature drops below zero on the loggia, it is recommended to remove all attachments from the bike (headlight, taillight, bike computer, wheels, suspension fork, saddle, grips, pump, fenders) and store all this in a dry, warm room. Otherwise, under the influence of negative temperatures, they may become unusable or lose their appearance.

It is highly discouraged to leave the bike “for the winter” on an unglazed loggia (balcony), since in this case it will be negatively affected by high air humidity, precipitation in the form of rain and snow, as well as sudden temperature changes.

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Loose tensioned nodes

If in the spring you do not want to face the problem of rusted derailleur springs; then make sure that all stressed parts of the bike are in a weakened state during the winter. The V-Brake (rim) brakes should be released. The chain should be shifted to the smallest sprockets; so that gear is set to 1-7 for a 21-speed bike (or 1-8 for a 24-speed bike).

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Winter Storage for Bike

Winter Storage for Bike

Preparing the winter storage for bike. When choosing a storage location the first step is to decide where your bike will be stored in winter. The best storage option is a dry room without sudden temperature changes. It can be an apartment, a vestibule or a heated garage-type parking. In doing so, please note that the bike should not stand close to heaters – this negatively affects the paintwork and plastic parts.

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Buying Bike

When buying a bike, pay attention to the warranty. Manufacturers often provide a separate warranty for the frame and hardware (switches, brakes, etc.). There are also parts that have natural wear and tear during the bike ride (tires, chain, stars), they are not covered by the warranty, so pay special attention to them. Buying a bike in our store, you will receive a bike passport with a guarantee stamp, which will contain all the warranty periods. We guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations.

We carry out free delivery of bike in Minsk, as well as delivery to any city of the Republic of Belarus (free of charge from 450 rubles). You get a fully assembled and tuned bike, only in some cases; due to the requirements of the transport company, the handlebars and pedals may not be clamped. We do not recommend giving preference to buying bicycles in large online hypermarkets; because the quality of consultation there is at a rather low level, the bike is delivered in a box; and timely service is not provided. Buying a bicycle in our store you get the first MOT absolutely free.

We are sure that our article will dispel all doubts, and the bike you bought will give you a lot of pleasant emotions! And if you still have additional questions, feel free to ask our consultants!

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Choose the Right Bike for You

Choose the Right Bike for You

It is important to choose the right bike for you factoring height. After all, convenience, comfort and the benefits that riding a bicycle will bring you depend on this. Many of our customers fall into a stupor when we ask the question – what is your height? Therefore, you can safely measure your height, as well as the inner leg length and pass the information on to our consultants. In the catalog of bicycles of each manufacturer there is a table that will help to correlate the obtained parameters to the bike. Remember, the wrong size of the bike can harm your health!

Determine the budget. It depends on this point whether your bike will have disc hydraulic brakes or whether you will get by with the usual rim (V-Brake), what frame material and technologies that are invested in it will be – the more expensive, the steeper, and much more. Do not underestimate budget options as unreliable and of poor quality. If you are going to travel rarely, why pay more? It is also worth considering that bicycles are a seasonal product, and at the end of the season we run active sales, where you can buy a really good model for little money.

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Take care of bicycle accessories. Usually the amount for the purchase of the necessary accessories is equal to 10-20% of the price of bike. In our store you can buy fenders, lighting, flasks and bottle cages, a bicycle lock, a bicycle computer and many other interesting accessories.

Order the selected model. We consider this stage to be the final stage in the process of buying a bicycle. Remember, we offer absolutely free professional advice on any questions you may have. During the checkout process, you will need to choose a payment and delivery method. Our store offers several types of payment: cash payment in the store or upon delivery, payment by debit cards and installment cards, cashless payments (for legal entities).

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Guide on Buying a Bike

Guide on Buying a Bike

Today we’re going to talk about guide on buying a bike and How to choose the right bike? Buying a bike requires certain knowledge, with which you can really make the right choice. In this article, we will tell you about the nuances of buying a bike using the example of our online store based on the experience of sales and frequently asked questions from our customers.

So, you wanted to buy a bicycle, typed in the search “buy a bicycle in Minsk” or went to the first bicycle store you came across. What picture is opening up in front of you? That’s right – a completely incomprehensible number of different models, a slight difference in attachments that significantly, or not much, affects the cost. And also the manufacturers are different. Be patient and get ready to dive a little deeper into the cycling world.

The days when the whole family could ride the same type of bike are long gone. The era of new technologies is on the way, which change almost every year and each of them is created to facilitate the process of riding in certain conditions, improve aerodynamic characteristics, and also reduce the weight of the bike. But this complicated the buying process at times.

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We have highlighted the main stages when buying a bike:

1. In the first place is the task to determine the type of bike. There are bicycles: mountain, city, road, folding, electric bicycles, etc. To make it easier to navigate, you should think in what conditions you will use your bike (flat asphalt road, rough terrain, city streets, etc.), it will help to understand all this our article, there you will find the answer to this point. So keep reading the next of our article.

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Bike Whip Is Simple

Bike Whip Is Simple

A bike whip is simple key, most often it looks like a metal bar (handle) and a piece of chain. With its help, you can unscrew the lockring of the cassette, because unscrewing it to the side it turns freely.

Cassette Remover – Like the previous bike tool, it will help you remove the cassette from the rear wheel for replacement or other operations. Also, this wrench is suitable for fastening the brake rotors of the Center Lock standard.

Spoke wrench – Crooked wheels will not please anyone, but with a spoke tension tool, you can even align the eights without much experience. Spoke wrenches come in different sizes and this point depends primarily on your bike. There are also universal options in which almost all sizes are presented, but they are more suitable for those who have more than one bike.

Cable and shirt cutters – those who travel a lot often have to change the most necessary elements for controlling the transmission and brakes – cables and shirts. The cables stretch, the shirts wear out, and you can only bite them neatly with a special tool. Cutters for cables and shirts allow you to make an even cut without disrupting the cable or bending the hole in the shirt.

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Phillips and flat screwdriver – this type of tool can be find in any home, the main thing is that the size fits. In a bicycle, a cross and flat screwdriver is use to adjust the switches; namely, their extreme positions. A variety of small accessories (computers, flashers, reflectors) are also recorded.

Wrenches 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 mm are the most common bolt sizes that attach the trunk; fenders, reflectors, footrests, pedals and many more useful accessories.

As you can see, the list of tools and keys for repairing a bicycle at home is not so long. It is not necessary to buy expensive professional equipment, an amateur kit of average quality is enough. This list is suitable for mountain, road, hybrid and city bikes. Take a look at the section with bicycle tools, here you will find many useful things;) And what tools do you use to repair your bicycles? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list of essentials!

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Squeezing the Bike Chain

Squeezing the Bike Chain

Squeezing the bike chain will help you easily change a worn chain or disconnect it to remove the switches. Also, chain breaks do not sometimes occur, and in order to repair bike, you will need this tool to remove the broken link. Squeezes are standard (more often suitable for home or workshops) and compact, which you can take with you on a trip.

The floor pump is an irreplaceable assistant. After all, even a high-quality chamber or tire has micropores through which air is released over time. What can we say when you need to replace a tire or a puncture happened. In this case, the floor pump for the bike will help to pump up the necessary pressure in a matter of seconds. There are models with a pressure gauge (scale for measuring pressure) and ordinary ones, where you randomly adjust the amount of inflated air.

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The Next Tools

The compact pump is another part that you always need to carry with you. After all, no one is immune from punctures, and no one wants to drag a bicycle for several kilometers (if you are lucky enough to drive not far). With a first aid kit and a compact pump, you can repair the chamber and inflate the wheel in a matter of minutes.

Side paddles – as well as a pump with patches should always be with you. They will help save your fingers, nails, and the camera from damage during wheel disassembly. Soft plastic does not damage the camera (unlike screwdrivers) and the wheel rim, while it has hooks for comfortable two-handed operation. It is recommended to have a pair of shoulder blades.

Chain meter – this tool will allow you to monitor the condition of the chain; and change it in time, which will have a positive effect on the condition and increase the resource of the front; and rear sprockets of the bicycle.

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Bike Tool for Maintenance

Bike Tool for Maintenance

Bike tool for maintenance is an essential part of being a cyclist. If you buy a bike you will have to take care of it. You have a choice: specialized workshops or buying your own bike repair tool at home. The first option is more expensive, especially if you travel a lot, but the quality of the work performed is always at the highest level. The second option, apart from the budget for the purchase of the necessary equipment, is a little cheaper. In this article, we’ll share 13 of the most essential tools in every cyclist’s arsenal.

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Bicycle Repair Tool – Checklist:

A set of hex keys is a must-have for any cyclist, as most of the components on a bicycle are secured with hex wrench bolts. It is advisable to have the maximum choice, because who knows what upgrade you are planning. In bicycles, there are bolts with hexagon heads in the following sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm. The smallest keys regulate brake levers or calipers (hydraulics or mechanics), sizes 2, 2.5, 3 – used in grip locks, flashlights and computer mounts.

Hexagon 4 mm – most often these keys fix the steering wheel and stem bolts, as well as additional  bike accessories in the form of fenders or a trunk. A 5mm hexagon is used to adjust the brakes and shifters of the transmission; in particular to fix the shift cable and brakes, brake pads (V-br), brake caliper (disc brakes), derailleur housing to frame. Hexagons of 6, 8 and 10 mm in size are used to attach more loaded components; such as pedals, cranks, etc.

A multi-tool is a compact and simple set of the most essential keys, screwdrivers, and sometimes a full-fledged workshop that can fit into a pocket or a saddle bag. The most essential elements for each multitool: 4, 5, 6 mm Allen keys, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers. This is enough to make not only the adjustment of the brakes or transmissio; but also to make minor repairs in the field. There are multitool models with integrated chain squeezing, beading paddles and even pliers.

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Electric Bicycles Is Nice

Electric Bicycles Is Nice

Electric bicycles is nice because it simplify or completely eliminate pedaling, mountain, city, folding bicycles and fat bikes can be equipped with an electric drive. Depending on the batteries, drive and bike type, the travel due to electricity can be up to 100 km on a single charge.

Such bicycles, taking into account the equipment, weigh a lot (from 20 kg or more), so pedaling will not be easy without a drive. In general terms, these bikes are the same typical mountain bikes, city bikes, etc., only with the addition of electrical equipment, which leads to the addition of other mounts, solutions that transform the bike to a certain extent.

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Almost any bike can be made electric

Let’s move on to more specific numbers and secrets for the selection

Frame size (except BMX) is the length of the seat tube, in fact, on which the value is usually applied in inches, centimeters or in letter designations (S, M, L …)

This size is considered basic and sets the lengths of the rest of the frame pipes; the proportions are unchanged for the rest of the sizes. Different frame sizes help create equal comfort for riders of different heights.

The size of the bicycle frame directly affects the fit. If the frame is large; then you will have to reach for the steering wheel, which will lead to fatigue of the back and hands. If the frame is small, the cyclist will seem to hang over the handlebars. In this case, a significant part of the person’s weight will be on the hands; and they will become numb; but the head will need to be lifted up to see the road, and this will hurt the neck.

Below are some of the most popular table options to match the products of most bike manufacturers.

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Fixed Gear Bicycles

Fixed Gear Bicycles

After many films and video clips of New York landscapes, Fixes, fixed gear bicycles are often credited with city bicycles.

They have the simplest design, are laconic, often without brakes, pedals with contacts or toe clips, and can develop high speed.

These bicycles come from track cycling and share the same features and basic characteristics as track bikes.
But! You need to know that this type of bike is not suitable for everyone, you need to have a certain riding skill, you need to get use to and learn to use a fixed gear, and consciously choose this bicycle philosophy, and not just for the sake of a trend.

A typical city bike, which, moreover, can be folded in half and go, for example, on the subway.

Compact, easy to transport and does not need a lot of storage space, it is quite comfortable, you will have a straight fit on it.
These bicycles differ and are matched by wheel diameter. They also differ in the way of folding (in addition to the folding frames in half, there are other options).

There are also models of road and mountain folding bicycles.
Other types …

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Fatbikes – bicycles with fat huge wheels

The history of these bicycles leads us to Alaska at the beginning of the last century, where Mark Grunwald adapted the bike for the Spartan winter conditions.

In fact, this is a standard mountain bike, the main feature of which is large wheels (3.5-4.5 inches tires), which contributes to high cross-country ability: snow, mud, sand, everything is on the shoulder. With this dimension of the wheels, a wide choice of pumping up to different pressures for different riding terrain is provided.

Against the background of excellent cross-country ability, we sacrifice speed, and it’s difficult to start.

The weight of fat bikes due to the wheels reaches 16 kg; top-end, expensive models, due to the use of carbon, titanium and aluminum, reduce weight by up to 10 kg.

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The Fun Touring Bikes

The Fun Touring Bikes

Speaking of mid-and-half bicycles, we should also mention the fun touring bikes. Touring – a tourist bike for long journeys mainly on hard surfaces (a subspecies of a road bike). Such a bike has a sturdier frame than on a road bike, a handlebar of a more complex shape for a variety of grip and the ability to change a recumbent position to a more seated one.

The wheels are similar to the wheels of a hybrid bike, the tire tread provides good traction on asphalt and dirt roads.

Has the same attachments as a mountain bike

There are mounts for roof racks, fenders. The components of such bicycles are reliable, efficient in conditions of long trips, easy to maintain and convenient to use. If the hybrid bike has gone more towards the mountain bike, adapting it for smoother, asphalt roads, then the tourist has modified the road bike for greater reliability, durability and comfort of the cyclist on long journeys.

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City bikes (city bikes)

It is not difficult to guess that this type of bicycle was created for the city, namely for comfortable; short-term movement in any clothes in a sitting position on a large soft saddle. On bicycles there is protection near the chain so that you do not stain your dress suit; they are also often equipped with a number of advantages; fenders, a trunk, a stem that can adjust the height of the handlebar; pedals without spikes for riding barefoot on the beach. They come with flashlights, fueled by hubs with a dynamo machine, meet with shock absorber seat posts for more softness when riding.

It is worth remembering that these bicycles are not designed for heavy loads, they are for walking.

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Double Rims on Bike

Double Rims on Bike

Double rims on bike are desirable, they are more reliable and you can correct irregularities with spokes, as opposed to a single-layer.

An important point is the quality of the bushings, their roll. Bushings with good bearings will save you strength, add ease of acceleration and maintain speed.

Correct fit, bike roll – add up your daily mileage. The bike should not interfere with your ride.

Consider bicycles designed primarily for city, highway and flat asphalt.

Road bikes

The classics of the sports genre: racing, competition, the latest technology, speed, light weight and an even sportier, recumbent position than a mountain bike. These bicycles are equipped with a ram-shaped handlebar for the ability to change the grip and achieve the same more recumbent, stretched, sporty position than on a mountain bike.

The frame is lightweight, aluminum or composite material, aerodynamic shape. The fork is stiff, good if made of composite, for super light weight and absorption of natural surface irregularities.

The 28 ”wheels are narrow, bald or nearly bald, with high pressure. Rim brakes, attachments tailored specifically for road bikes (brake levers, shifters, derailleurs, front-to-rear sprocket ratios).
They are mostly sold without pedals, because usually fans of this type of bicycles already have a set of pedals that fit a comfortable pair of shoes.

The sizes of frames for male and female models are fundamentally different.

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These bicycles are not comfortable for walking.

There is an intermediate option between a road bike and a mountain bike, the so-called hybrid

These bikes retain the features and fit of a mountain bike, but have narrower, bald or nearly bald tires, typically 28 ”wheels. The fork is mostly rigid, which is quite justified in urban conditions. A bicycle, like a road bike, accelerates well, developing a decent speed, pedaling is effective, but, like a mountain bike, it has a more comfortable fit, the same hitch and brakes, it works out light irregularities well and it is not scary, but even pleasant to turn into the park. drive along a dirt track on a sunny morning and return to the asphalt roads of the metropolis.

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Bike With Large Wheels

Bike With Large Wheels

Bike with large wheels make it easier to maintain high speeds and overcome bumps, but harder to accelerate and are more massive. You can take a closer look at bicycles with 29 ‘wheels for tall people (from 175 cm).

For those who are not tall, or want something smaller, a variant with 27.5 ‘wheels was created. Such a bike is not so massive, it is easier to accelerate, it keeps speed well and adequately fulfills bumps.

When choosing bicycles with 29 ‘wheels, remember that if, for example, a 19 ”frame size suits you with a 26’ diameter, then choosing 29 ‘should look towards the smaller size.

As for the brakes, the bike can be equipped with rim (V-brake), disc mechanical or hydraulic brakes. Rim V-brakes have a simple design, are easy to set up and repair, but are “afraid” of uneven rims. This type of brake is well suited for quiet riding. Due to their simplicity, they are also often used on long hikes.

Mechanical disc brakes have good braking performance, perfect for more active riding, because are not afraid of the unevenness of the rim.

Hydraulic brakes are the most effective, they are not afraid of dirt, they do not need to be adjusted; they are not afraid of irregularities in the rim, but repairs “on the knee” are impossible; you need to have the skill and a set of tools for repair and bleeding.

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Bike attachment (levers and derailleurs) will depend on the type of mountain bike and its price. The more expensive components will serve sharper, better quality and longer.

Often, when buying, a novice cyclist is confused by the size and softness of the saddle … Mountain bikes are equipped with sporty saddles with anatomical cutouts to reduce pressure on the pelvic organs (both female and male) and more correct muscle function.

Fatter saddles are comfortable for the first few minutes, then discomfort, athletic – first firm, then good.

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Bike Composite Frames

Bike Composite Frames

Bike composite frames are very lightweight, yet strong and moderately absorb light irregularities.

There are mountain bikes specialized for the female half, the sizes of which are design for the female arm length (a shorter front triangle of the frame is designed). Often the top tube of the frame is position low for ease of riding in a dress or skirt, making it easier to get on and off the bike.

Mountain bikes, to a greater extent, are equipped with shock absorber forks with or without settings, depending on the price category. Starting even with budget forks, it is not uncommon to find a Lockout function to block the travel of the fork, which is very effective for flat surfaces and uphill climbs.

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Quiet Biking

In addition to driving quietly on relatively flat surface; there are models for more aggressive rough terrain, where roots can stick out more, spans and large rocks occur. For such cases, bicycles with a rear shock absorber are use; double suspensions that perfectly absorb contrasting unevenness of the terrain.

Keep in mind that bicycles with a rear shock absorber at a low price are absolutely different; from what is mean by full suspension. In such bicycles, the shock absorption system does not work correctly, it only harms the constant rocking; moreover, it is absolutely unreliable and cannot be repair. At the same time, the geometry of the frame is incorrect; and uncomfortable, they are unrealistically heavy and cannot withstand heavy loads, such bicycles are dangerous to health.

Recently, the standards of wheels 27.5 ‘and 29’ (niners) are quite fashionable. Most bicycles in recent years are equip with 27.5 ”wheels. What were they made for? – They were make because large wheels better work out irregularities. So naturally it is going to drive better.

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Choosing an Adult Bike

Choosing an Adult Bike

Let’s start choosing an adult bike. Let’s briefly analyze which bicycles are on the market, talk about the varieties and decide on which type you should opt for. At the end of the article, we will see the numbers and the correspondence of the cyclist’s height to the frame size and a few more secrets on the selection.

Mountain (Mountain Bikes, MTB)

Mountain bike is quite popular. Although the emphasis is on the side of rough terrain, nevertheless, on such bicycles the rider will feel comfortable riding on a variety of surfaces: from asphalt in the city to stones and protruding roots high in the mountains. Of course, completely different models are produced for different riding styles, which differ in shape, level of equipment and price.

On such a bike, you can reach hard-to-reach places (for example, to wild beaches), take walks in nature; train the cardiovascular system, travel, and at the same time, modern technologies will provide everyone with a good level of comfort for conquering tens and hundreds of kilometers.

Landing on mountain bikes is not seated, but more sporty – recumbent. This is done specifically so that when buying such a bike; it is implied that you are tuned in for longer trips, in which you need to unload your back; and shift the emphasis on your hands, which will preserve your back health. The leg, during the position of the pedal at the lowest point; should be slightly bent at the knee for effective pedaling and preservation of the knee joints.

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The frames of such bicycles are steel and aluminum, top models are assembled on composite frames.

A good option is to buy on an aluminum frame, because they are light, strong, rigid and often with a more aesthetically interesting appearance than, say, steel, which are heavy, the frame “plays” on unevenness – all this leads to a loss of effort from pedaling and unnecessary stress on the cyclist.

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Ideal Children Bicycles

Ideal Children Bicycles

Ideal Children bicycles are chosen according to the child’s height and the corresponding wheel diameter, his physical development and, of course, based on the tastes of a novice cyclist (for very little ones, you can look after a balance bike). So, if the child’s height is up to 100 cm, then the diameter of the bicycle wheel is 12 “, with the height up to 115 cm – 16”, from 6-9 years old, when the child reaches about 115-130 cm, the diameter is chosen from 18 “to 20”, for adolescents up to 160 cm, bicycles with 24 ”wheels are suitable.

Correct fit while sitting on a bicycle: the leg is slightly bent at the knee when the pedal is at the lowest point, the child does not touch the steering wheel with his knees and does not reach for it, does not hunch over.

If the child is drawn to extreme from the very beginning, then you should choose a bike that is stronger and designed for jumping: BMX (20 “wheels) or MTB Street / Dirt (24” wheels).

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What you should avoid

We do not recommend buying a bicycle “for growth”, in extreme cases; choose the largest “big” one that is comfortable for the child right now. In the future, for a year or two,;we will slightly compensate for the child height of the saddle and handlebars.

It should be added that the basic solutions; and structure of a child’s bicycle are identical to an adult (only a couple of times less). Excessive cheapness leads to poor quality of components; poor roll, improper fit, excessive stress on muscles, joints, malfunctions that threaten safety; and as a result, the bicycle does not bring the child the necessary emotions; and in some cases completely discourages the desire to ride; which is very sad in this case.

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The Bike Saddle

The Bike Saddle

Height – You are in the bike saddle with the knee slightly bent with the pedal at the very bottom. Please note that there is a mark on each seatpost, above which you cannot lift, if you do not have enough height of the seatpost, you should replace it, but most likely the bike is too small for you …

For more active and aggressive skiing, the height changes to a lower side in accordance with the riding style and your preferences.

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Tilt angle – the plane of the saddle is as parallel to the ground as possible.

Saddle shift back and forth – on the frame, near the attachment to the seatpost, there are values ​​for which you should not move the saddle, otherwise the frame will bend. With this shift, as well as with the stem length, you can correct the frame size by moving the saddle closer or further to the handlebars, your position will change accordingly.

For the most correct choice, you need to honestly and consciously answer yourself the following questions:

1. Where and how will you skate?

2. Why do you need a bicycle?

It is also worth understanding how much you want / can spend on this hobby / entertainment / sports / transport / lifestyle …

The bike should bring you the maximum set of positive emotions, from one glance at it to the feeling of pedaling, hands on the handlebars and the view in front. It is just different feeling from machine.

Well, let’s start over with the kid’s bike.

The first bike is the first emotion, the first experience. And we need a positive result to set the motivation; and rhythm of riding for years to come, so the issue should be taken seriously.

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Bike Brake Lever

Bike Brake Lever

Let’s work on the angle of inclination in the position of the finger on the bike brake lever, it is in line with the hand. Thus, thanks to the correctly set brake lever under the finger and the angle of inclination, you can easily brake, change the speed, without twisting your hand towards yourself or away from yourself, without making unnecessary movements. Do not put below this line and do not bully above.

However, when bike riding actively, very often, when the body moves closer to the rear wheel, you can raise it slightly higher for ease of braking in such situations.

Adjust the free play of the brake lever handle

From the practice of cyclists, free play is considered optimal until the wheels are completely locked – about half of the full trajectory of the handle. Free play is a must, then you can keep your finger on the brake almost all the time and adjust the braking force, especially for the front brake.

If the handle falls down to the grip, it is worth tightening / pumping the brake, but do not overdo it …

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Steering wheel

One of the characteristics of the stem is its length and angle of inclination. With these features of a particular model, you can achieve a more comfortable fit. Also, if the frame of the purchased bike is shorter; or longer than the desired one, the distance can be adjusted with the stem. So, if the bike is small for you; we buy a longer stem, if on the contrary, we install it shorter. To achieve a more athletic, recumbent fit, you can flip the stem to look down; or you can pick up and buy another model that will change your fit to the desired one. Tilt-adjustable models are sold, but this versatility reduces its strength.

Pay attention to the sticking of the handlebars in the stem; try to keep the distances shown in the picture about the same. To do this, tighten the bolts crosswise.

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Mountain Bike Handlebars

Mountain Bike Handlebars

Mountain bike handlebars edges should point up and slightly toward you in the saddle. Do not overturn the steering wheel too much on yourself or away from yourself, from an incorrect position on the steering wheel fatigue will accumulate in the hands.

On more expensive models, there are marks on the handlebars in the stem area, but it is easy to cope without them.

Also, if the handlebar is not a “stick”, but has a clearly curved shape (with a large lift), you can try to set the handlebar bend line approximately parallel to the fork line while looking at the bike from the side.

Handlebar on a road bike “Barankoy” – the upper plane of the handlebars should be as parallel to the ground as possible

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Shifters and brake levers

Expose under the fingers

Brake levers. It is necessary that with a comfortable palm rest on the grips, the index finger is slightly bent and rests on the bend of the brake lever. After all, fully extended fingers are weak.

To move the brake lever along the steering wheel, loosen the hex bolt.

To move the handle of the brake lever closer to the finger, we tighten the small bolt under the hexagon / screwdriver near the axis of rotation of this very handle.

Further, if they go to the hotel block, we set the shifters for convenience. Usually so that the levers do not rest on the hand, but you also did not need to reach for them, removing the palm from the grip.

You should be able to reach both the brake and the shifter levers without unnecessary movement.

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Checking Bike Brake Serviceability

Checking Bike Brake Serviceability

Checking bike brake serviceability and the condition of its components: cables, shirts, pads … The brake must be moderately tight so that the handle has free play, but does not fail up to the grip.

Gear shifting

Test the serviceability of the shifters and switches, their correct joint operation. Pay attention to the condition of the shirts and cables, this also affects the correct switching, dirty and rusty components no longer want to work as before …

The presence of backlashes

Steering backlash, carriage; loose connecting rods and pedals – all this will cause discomfort when driving, there will be extraneous sounds, the connecting rod, for example, may fall off.

Backlash not eliminated in time causes damage, often irreparable.

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Tightening the stem bolts

In order for the bike to obey the steering wheel, they must be tightly tied together, the stem is here to help, but sometimes the bike bolts can loosen …

Securely mounted wheels

Especially for eccentrics. Cheap models relax and sometimes you need to adjust the tightening so as not to lose the wheels on the way.

Wear of components

Worn out from mileage, from improper maintenance, the chain, respectively, the system and the cassette / ratchet will lead to unstable and problematic operation of the transmission. Care should be taken to keep the chain clean and lubricated. The stars must be clean and dry.

Cracks, curvatures, deformations

These breakdowns can be from excessive cheapness, metal fatigue, use of components for other purposes, from improper storage of the bike in winter, or from the most aggressive riding … Be that as it may, the result of a broken iron is always the same; the cyclist suffers, so inspect him periodically.

Handlebar, stem, saddle, shifter and brake levers adjustments

Installing the steering wheel

The bicycle handlebar, depending on the riding style, has a certain geometry that provides the optimal position of the hands and body for ease of control, which is why it is important to install it correctly.

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Checking Bike Before Riding

Checking Bike Before Riding

Checking bike before riding is a mandatory actions before each departure. A bicycle, like any other mechanism, requires periodic inspection and maintenance. This is not only about routine maintenance, which should be done once or twice a year, but also about regular inspections of the iron horse for backlash, wear or cracks on components before riding.

Well, before heading out for a bike ride, work or shopping, check:

Inflating the wheels
Correct brake operation
Backlash (steering, bushings, card assembly, pedals)
Serviceability of gearshifts

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If not before every trip, then pay attention with enviable regularity:

To tighten the eccentrics / wheel nuts
Tightening the stem bolts
On the broach of the needles
Component wear (chain, cassette, system …)
Cracks or deformations in components

Speaking of active, even aggressive riding, it is worth inspecting bike more often for cracks, deformations, wear, incorrect operation of components in order to avoid injuries from broken iron.

Let’s analyze the points in more detail:


Each tire has a minimum and maximum pressure written on it, stick to these limits. Flat tires are the cause of frequent punctures and rim irregularities. With well-inflated tires, acceleration is easier, easier to maintain speed, there is little chance of bending the rim from an impact and puncturing the tube, but permeability on sand and loose soil is slightly worse.

So, for example, the average pressure for adult mountain bikes is: front

wheel – 3-3.5 atmospheres, rear – 3.5-4.0.

Backlash in bushings. Try to wobble the wheels between the stays and in the fork relative to the axis of rotation, if there is backlash (wobbling) it should be eliminated so as not to render the bushings unusable.

From time to time, you should pay attention to the stretching of the spokes, the evenness of the wheels (especially important for bicycles with V-brake brakes).

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The Optimal Bike Model

The Optimal Bike Model

Depending on the gender and age of the rider, we choose the optimal bike model. Are you looking for a bike for a grown man? Looking for a female model? Or maybe you need a bicycle for a teenager or toddler? Depending on gender and age, there are different recommendations on how to choose a bike. We bring to your attention thematic tips:

Each bike can be roughly divided into two components: the bike frame and attachments (wheels, forks, pedals, chains, speed switches, etc.). The level of quality and price of the frame depends on the materials from which it is made (steel, high-drawn steel, chromium-molybdenum, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, carbon), as well as strength, weight and other performance characteristics. The attachment price is usually two to three times the price of the frame.

Don’t forget to buy everything you need

Do not forget to also pick up other accessories for your bike – useful things that you should have with you while riding. We are talking about pumps, bike locks, bags and backpacks, etc.

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Making a purchase

In the catalog of our site, all models are sorted by brands, sections and types. If you are looking for a bike with certain characteristics, then use the filter or contact our consultants by phone. After choosing a bike, click on the “Add to cart” button, and the order will go to your personal cart. The number of items that you can add to your cart is unlimited. The bikes you choose will remain in the basket for one day. If at the end of the day the order is not complete, the basket will be automatically empty.

Then go to the “Trash” section. View its contents. Here you can view the final purchase price, including delivery, change the number of bicycles or delete individual items. Having finally decided on purchases, click the “Checkout” button.

After you click the “Place an order” button, you need to indicate your personal data (name, address, phone number, etc.), which will be use to deliver the order. Further, our manager will contact you by phone.

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Choose the Right Bike

Choose the Right Bike

How to choose the right bike? What should you consider when choosing a bike? What are the types of bicycles? To answer these questions and not get confused by the huge assortment of bicycles, you need to understand the general structure of the bike and take into account the factors that make up its price. We offer you some practical tips to help you find exactly the model you are dreaming of.

Choosing the type of bike (mountain, road, BMX, children, etc.)

Depending on where, how, how often and extreme you are going to ride, you need a bike of a certain type. By clicking on the link located just below, you can familiarize yourself with the different types of bicycles and find the best one for yourself:

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The most popular types of bicycles

Usually novice cyclists think about how to choose a bike for a long time and buy comfortable hardtails or models of the amateur level. These are universal bicycles; riding which allows you to understand what exactly attracts you the most: speed, off-road conquest, fast descents, jumps; or calm riding without “bells and whistles”. After that, you can already attend to the purchase of a more expensive and specialized model.

When choosing a bike, it is very important to choose the right bike size, i.e. the size of the frame that is optimal for the growth of the rider. Each bike model comes in several sizes, just like clothes are sewn in several sizes. Riding a bike, the size of which is small or large, is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. Knowing the height of the cyclist, it will not be difficult for you to choose the right size: just check the size table, which you can easily find on the page of each bike on our website, or consult our sellers.

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Bike Phone Holder

Bike Phone Holder

We are now nowhere without a phone that is why we need bike phone holder, but its presence in our hands while driving is not safe for you and those around you, as well as for the equipment itself. Making a video call, navigator or listening to music will be more convenient with a reliable bike phone holder. We have holders in different models and colors in our store, we are sure that you will appreciate this stylish and functional addition to your bike.

Bike computer

In order to clearly track your achievements and not depend on charging your phone or wrist watch, it is very convenient to use a bicycle computer – this is a special informative gadget that can show the current speed, distance traveled, travel time, average and maximum speeds. Advanced models report your cadence (cadence), your heart rate, and also calculate cadence power and write a GPS track.

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Everything you need for a bike ride

Summer is a great time to ride! When going on a bike ride, make sure that you are one hundred percent ready for it. The bike center will tell you what to look for and what to take with you on the road. And if you don’t have a bike yet, we suggest choosing and buying a bike in our store! Our consultants will help you choose and provide professional advice on all issues. There is an opportunity to purchase a bike in installments up to 12 months.

Make sure the tire pressure is correct and the wheels are not deflated. For quick inflation of the wheels, for example, after winter, you will need a convenient and powerful foot pump. On the road, it’s best to have a compact hand pump with you in case of a puncture. Catalog with pumps: Hand pumps, Floor standing

So that minor problems do not interfere with the bike ride, have the necessary set of tools with you to fix minor breakdowns. Tool catalog: Multitools, Bicycle first aid kits

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