Specifications of Avenger Bike

Price and specifications of Avenger Bike 5.0 from Pacific. Hello GL friends from Sabang to Merauke, see you again at Gowes Lovers, the place for info on the most hits and popular bikes. Oh, for those of you who like dark and bright color combination bikes but still look fierce on the track, this bike is recommended for you to have. Oh, I forgot, this series has the exact name of the famous movie hero story… yep, Avengers. Get to know the Pacific Avenger 5.0 Bike. For more details, see the review below.


In the frame, aka the frame that is embedded in the Pacific Avenger 5.0 bike; uses carbon material which is believed to have a light weight but stiff alias stiff. The frame color of this series is dominated by dark black with a slight combination of orange and looks very fierce when used on the streets. Pacific writing also looks big on the downtube but with a dark silver color that adds a mysterious impression, while the Avenger series is stuck on the black toptube. This series frame has also adopted an internal cable system that goes into the frame to make it look neat from the cable strands.

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Seat-Post and Saddle

The Element Nicks Folding Bike uses an alloy seatpost with a quick release seat clamp. The length of the seat post is 580 mm and the seatpost diameter is 33.9 mm. The leather saddle is also the same as the grip for a classic look.

Price Element Nicks

Judging from the title alone, the folding bike is cheap, of course, the price is also cheap. Element Nicks is set at Rp. 4.250.000,- how cheap isn’t it for the size of this folding bike? Immediately have this folding bike so that your new year will be more memorable with doubled happiness. So first the info from Gowes Lovers, I hope it gives useful info, thanks for stopping by.

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