Road Bike Strattos Polygon

The latest price for the road bike Strattos Polygon S5 disc brakes in 2021. Welcome back to the bicycle article where bicycle info is struggling to provide the latest information. Hello racing bike lovers or the cool term for road bikes, are you still unsure about finding a cool road bike at an affordable price? If you’re still confused, just aim for the Polygon Stratto S5 Disc Brakes because this bike is fairly popular, newest and has good specs. This time, Gowes lovers will provide information about the specifications and of course the latest prices for this series of bicycles. Here’s the review.

Product Specification Road Bike Polygon Strattos S5 Disc Brakes:


Polygon Strattos S5 Disc Brakes carry a bike frame made of alloy material which is known for being light, strong and responsive. In terms of frame color, this series has a combination of blue and gray. The words of the Polygon brand are clearly and large in size on the gray downtube at the top and bottom. This series frame already uses a cable routing system so that your driving is not disturb by the presence of cable strands.


Polygon Strattos S5 Disc Brakes use a strong and responsive carbon fork. The fork of the Stratto S5 Disc Brake is UCI (Union Cycliste International) certified. The fork is blue on the outside and black on the inside. The word Polygon brand is write on the side of the gray fork.

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Brake System

This Polygon Strattos S5 series already uses a hydraulic braking system. The front brake system still uses a mechanical cable/brifter but the hydraulics uses TRP to cut the price more efficiently. At the rear brakes use the latest flat mounting bold disc system. In conclusion, getting a Stratos series that has disc brakes is good enough.

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