Maintain Bike Chain

Powerful tips on how to maintain bike chain to keep it clean and durable. Hallo Guys, all happy GL friends, back to GL Gowes Lovers where the bike info is up to date hehe. Merry Christmas my friends who celebrated it yesterday and happy holidays at the end of the year. Hey, for those of you who are still confused and don’t understand how to take care of a bicycle chain, this time Gowes Lovers will share Powerful Tips on How to Take Care of a Bike Chain to Make it Clean and Durable. Curious about what steps to start? Let’s study together, here’s the explanation.

Prepare Tools for Caring Bike Chains

Whatever we plan and will do requires careful preparation, otherwise everything will be in vain, right? You can start from small things like this one, powerful tips on how to care for a bicycle chain to keep it clean and durable. The tools that are prepared are also not very complicated, guys, surely your home is always there and we don’t need to buy new ones, save money, right? So what tools do we need? the following is the review.

Washing brush or toothbrush
Warm water
dry wipe
Soap (non-detergent)
Chain Lubricants
Liquid degreaser

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Bike Weight

In choosing a folding bike, weight is something we should consider. Because folding bikes that have a maximum weight tend to be uncomfortable and difficult to carry everywhere. Actually, the factors that affect the weight of the bicycle are not only the components attached but also the frame material used.

So, those were tips for choosing the right folding bike from Gowes Lovers. Don’t miss the tips, for example, want to buy a folding bike. Hopefully your cycling will be more fun and serene boss. Thank you for stopping by, hopefully these tips will provide benefits and enlightenment to bicycle lovers, especially folding bikes. See you next time with more up to date and clear information.

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