Genuine Brompton Bikes

Prices and types of genuine Brompton bikes. Hello GL friends, welcome back to Gowes Lovers, the place for the most up-to-date and up-to-date information about bicycles in Indonesia. Oh, for those of you who often watch news on various media such as TV or social media, surely you often encounter news about expensive folding bikes, right? It’s a bicycle that secretly rides an Indonesian airline plane. How come you can ride a bicycle on a plane? Of course you can because this bike has the advantage that it is easy to carry everywhere because it can be folded. Still curious too? Get to know the British-made folding bike, the Brompton Bike.

Brompton Bike Reviews

Brompton bicycles are known for their high prices. The reason why this bike is expensive is because it doesn’t produce much, aka limited stock. Another thing that makes this bike expensive is that it is flexible, easy to carry everywhere and easy to store. Uniquely, this bike is expensive because of the material it is made of. This bike is made of about 30 percent steel. For spare parts it is not arbitrary and not easy to find.

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Brompton Bike Type

Brompton bicycles have 3 types or series, namely Brompton, Brompton Electric and Superlight. The Brompton series can be folded, easy to carry and store anywhere. For the more advanced Brompton Electric series, why? Because this series is equipped with a battery and of course without pushing the pedals, you can cycle around the city with electric power. The next Superlight series is the Brompton series which is made with the lightest weight in several parts.

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