Cycling in The Mountain of Chornogoritsa

Cycling in The Mountain of Chornogoritsa – After 4 hours we got to the city of Yaremche, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides, there we stopped at a bike rental, where we met one of two adequate people during our entire stay in that part of our country, and this guy’s name is Lech, he is also a bike rider like we, but local bottling. He suggested to us mountain trails, steep in their beauty and coverage, as he traveled all along and across!


After a kind consultation, we went to the railway station in order to find out about tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk on the 30th, and there an aunt turned up for us, who rented us housing for 40 grams. per person. We threw everything unnecessary with her and rushed into the mountains along the trails that Lech recommended to us.

The mountain range “Chornogoritsa” is 1400 meters high, the ascent to which took us about four hours. Along the way, there were mountain streams, and in the most picturesque places there were tables and benches stylized as hemp for a snack and rest.

Near each table there is an urn or garbage bag, tiny lakes and almost at the top of the huntsmen’s houses. At the very top of the mountain, climbing the trail, we smelled a sharp, characteristic smell, and there were also hoof prints on the trail!

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Wild Boar

After the words “this is a wild boar!”, Anya’s eyes enlarged and the phrase “I will not go further!”, But we went! We climbed to the very top and took a couple of photos as a keepsake! The state of health after such an ascent is bombastic, physical fatigue simply disappeared when you stand at the very top of the mountain, breathe fresh air, your beloved is nearby, and a haze is gathering around you, you need to feel it!

It was getting dark … We began to pack back. Anya’s eyes got even bigger after she realized that we were going to downhill! 🙂 A fragile girl with fear in her eyes took her horse and we flew 40 minutes from the mountain, flying into steep turns as if, as it should be, taking off on irregularities and raising smoking behind us. I naturally went into the gap, but every time I waited again and again, in places that were not surmountable for her, she naturally climbed off the bike and crossed on foot, I did not climb down to the very bottom, I just enjoyed it. When I hit a big rock, my rear tire went flat! In 10 minutes I eliminated the problem, but Anya managed to freeze, after another 10 minutes we were at home.