Clovis 8 Bike

Price and Specifications for the Latest United Clovis 8 Bike June 2021 – Hello guys, back again at Gowes Lovers where the latest bike info is. Oh, yesterday’s post, we have given a brief explanation of the line-up of the newest United bike. Well, this time, will thoroughly discuss one of United’s newest line ups, namely the Latest United Clovis 8.00 Bike in June 2021. As usual, here will be discussed starting from the specifications and of course the latest bike price. Here’s the review.


The newest United Clovis 8.00 bicycle is designed to be very cool and suitable for adults, especially teenagers. The glossy and matte black-purple paint color combination has a luxurious yet fierce impression. If the light shines on the frame, you will see sparkling points of light in the paint. The frame of this series is made of Hydroformed Alloy and is double butted. Not to forget the frame has been Boost TA / Thru Axle.


The newest United Clovis 8.00 Bike Fork uses factory facilities from America, namely Rockshox Recon Gold RL. This part of the fork is already airy with travel sizes of 120mm (27.5”) and 100mm (29”). Compression Lockout and Rebound Damping features are embedded in this series fork.

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The new United Clovis 8.00 Bicycle Handlebar uses a flat model of alloy material from Nautilus with a length of 730mm. This results in a stable and comfortable steering. The stem of this series is also from Nautilus material from alloy with a length of 65mm. Furthermore, the handlegrip has a lock feature so that when it is held it does not slip and provides its own comfort.

Brake System

The brake system of the latest United Clovis 8.00 Bike already uses a hydraulic system from Shimano MT-400. The rotor of this series is also the same as that of the Shimano six bolt model with a size of 160mm. As a result, with a brake system like that, it produces gripping braking and you are still safe while driving.

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