Choosing the Right Kind of Bike Pedals

Choosing the right kind of bike pedals – The advantages include the fact that you do not have to fasten in especially difficult riding conditions and ride on a platform. Also, there is no binding to any one type of shoe. You can also buy pedals first, and then shoes.

Among the shortcomings, the following can be distinguished: inconvenience during the beginning of the movement, and with any shoes, tk. first you need to find the required side of the pedal with your feet; the speed of engagement drops significantly, especially for experienced riders who are accustomed to riding on contacts, because they need treadmills much less often than it might seem from the outside; it is not necessary to buy combined pedals, it is enough to use a special adapter platform for contact.

Contact pedals

This bike pedal variety is perhaps the most popular in the cycling community. They do not have platforms, like the models described above, but they have a special mechanism for fastening. As a rule, they come with special spikes, with the help of which fastening and quilting takes place.

The main material for the manufacture of contact pedals is various aluminum alloys. You will need special cycling shoes to use them. Among the manufacturers are Shimano, VP, Mavic and others. The starting price is approximately $ 35. You can read more about clipless pedals in the next article.

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Road pedals

They are used only on road bicycle and have a very rigid mount. Due to the fact that dirt rarely gets on such pedals, their design is made in such a way as to fix the foot as clearly and rigidly as possible. In addition, they provide maximum stability due to the large contact area between the shoe and the pedal. But the frame that fixes the spike can be about a third of the length of the shoe. Road pedals are almost always one-sided, due to their dimensions, so as not to excessively increase the weight of the entire structure.