Cheap and Cool Folding Bike

Cheap and cool folding bike Element Nicks. Hello guys, our friends, back again in the bike article where the bike info is the most up-to-date and certainly up-to-date. The year 2019 will soon end and be replaced by a new year 2020. Well, in 2020 it seems that the bicycle world will be enlivened with folding bikes because at the end of 2019 there are already many enthusiasts of this type of bicycle. Oh, the newest manufacturer, Element, has also released its newest folding bike, the name is Element Nicks, curious as to what it looks like, let’s review it together.


For the frame or frame, Elemet Nicks uses Chromoly material. Continue to the welding connection between the tubes looks thin because it is a characteristic of such chromoly material, it looks thin. The shape of all tubes is also round like chromoly frames in general. On the side of the top-tube there is an element writing that gives a modern impression. Not to forget, at the top of the tube, there is already a mounting bottle. Furthermore, in the head-tube section, there is also a front block for hooking cargo bags.

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Grease Bicycle Chain With Chain Lubricant

We have arrived at the final stage, guys, after everything is done starting from cleaning with water and a brush, now after the condition of the chain is completely dry, it’s time for us to give a special bicycle chain lubricant to keep the chain durable. It is recommended not to over-lubricate the chain; so as not to give the opportunity for dust and dirt to stick to the chain again. How simple is it, guys. Powerful Tips for Caring for a Clean and Durable Bike Chain from us?

Of course you don’t want your favorite bike to just get damaged, so these tips can be your recommendations for caring for your bike, especially on the chain. Hopefully these tips are useful for you to make your cycling more cheerful and exciting. Happy weekend, happy end of year, happy new year. Thank you and always visit us for more up to date information.

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