Biking Experience in The Russian Village

Biking Experience in The Russian Village – The next day, the very day when I realized who the Benders are! Now, in order …

We woke up at about 09:30 fresh, with excellent health, went out into the yard, then the hostess asks: “Do you want to mow the grass?” – Naturally, I replied: “Yes!” And damn me to agree!

It looked like robots for 15 minutes, but it turned out until 13:00. There was water in the garden, and all the grass lay, the garden was all uneven – in hemp and stones. The braid was stupid and hadn’t been used for about 20 years! In short, it was not realistic to mow, I took off my shoes and got down to business.

In an hour, I mowed a couple of meters and the hostess, seeing the situation, went to her neighbor Vasya for a scythe and galoshes. As a result, she brought galoshes and a torn braid! The first two strokes and the scythe died, then I mowed with the old scythe, and the hostess carried back the broken scythe, but the neighbor was not at home.

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Time passes, and this neighbor Vasya flies into the yard screaming, mating and shouting: “Sho then for a mower, sho breaking my braid, then you will see me new braid …” I explained to him for about 10 minutes that the braid was torn, but it screamed as a patient and constantly repeated that the braid was like new! I miraculously restrained myself so as not to sink it into plywood! When he realized that he could get a lyuley, he ran, without turning around and shouting, something in Bendery. And these are neighbors!

I continued to mow with the old scythe, but after three hours of work I got pretty tired; and decided that I had had enough, and Anya was already kapets nervous; and the hostess and grandmother were charging: “Why didn’t you finish the mowing?”. I was shocked and immediately explained to them that I had come here to rest, and not to mow your fucking grass! Here’s a question right off the bat: “What should I end up with?” I almost blurted out to catch the bike tourists. And then it dawned on me that even over time, benders remain benders.