Bike Tools Needed in Maintenance

How about simple, guys, the bike tools needed in maintenance are simple, surely at home all of the above tools are available, maybe except for the degreaser liquid that we need to buy because this liquid functions to remove stubborn dirt and oil that is firmly attached to the chain. But if you feel you can clean the stubborn dirt on the chain until it’s clean, I don’t think you need this liquid.

Clean Bike Chain

Clean the bike chain? it doesn’t mean cleaning/removing the chain, guys, but the dirt, hehe. After all the tools we need are available, then we go straight into action guys. Hey guys, in taking care of the bicycle chain, you have to do it regularly, guys, especially after the bike is used in muddy or muddy terrain, at that time we have to wash and clean it. Immediately, we will discuss Powerful Tips for Caring for Bike Chains to be Clean and Durable.

Clean the dirt on the attached chain using water. If you use water from a hose, it is recommended to wash it with low pressure water, otherwise it will damage the chain components. It is recommended to rinse the chain with warm water so that dirt is easily removed.

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If the dirt on the chain is a bit difficult to clean; we need a washing brush/toothbrush to scrub the chain so that the dirt is easily removed. When scrubbing a bike chain, use non-detergent soap to make it safer, if you use detergent it can damage the chain, guys.

In addition to the chain, we also need to clean other parts; such as the pulley (gear on the RD), sprockets; and front teeth. the method is also the same, it’s not complicated. After everything is done, then we dry the chain using a dry cloth until it is completely dry.

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