Bicycle Trip to the Carpathians

Bicycle trip to the Carpathians – They say that a long time ago, far away from the land they had a ride … There were two of them, and they had a fabulous love! Once he told her: “Let’s go to the Carpathians!” – and she agreed … This story is about how young guys from the city of Kakhovka made their first bike trip to the Carpathians.

So, on May 27, 2015, after some light preparation, we broke off … It looked like this: from Kakhovka to Odessa by bus, from Odessa to Ivano-Frankovsk by train and then on our own to Yaremchey, through Nadvornaya, Strymba, Delyatyn, Loevaya …

I’ll start from the very beginning! At 05:00 in the morning on 05/27/2015, we with sacks on bikes arrived at the bus station of the legendary city of Kakhovka, comrade Alexander Gubka came to our aid, who helped pack the bikes into special bicycle bags and stuff all our belongings into the bus. This is how our journey began!

We arrived in Odessa at 12:20, there we collected our horses and in an hour we drove to the railway station, and at 15:29 we got on the train with already packed bikes and set off for Ivano-Frankivsk. Fortunately, there were adequate people in the compartment and treated our greats with understanding, one stood on the lower shelf, and the second hung over the head of our fellow traveler.

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Hello Carpathians!

Everything went smoothly. We arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk, at about 6 am, drove around the city for two hours. After that we waited until the newsstands and the bazaar opened, they bought a card and a portable charger for a mobile phone, after which they rushed to Yaremche along Konovalets Street. We drove slowly, because I was on a loaded bike, and Anya had rubber with a huge tread!

The landscape after leaving the city from ours, in Kakhovka, was no different, but the further we drove, the more expressive in the distance, the outlines of bluish mountains in a foggy haze became. It seemed to be close to them, but as it turned out, they still had as much as 64 km along the highway!