United Quest and Us Military Element Folding Bike

United Quest and Us Military Element Folding Bike

United Quest and US Military element folding bike. Cycling is now even more exciting if you use the best quality folding bikes from United. United as one of the number one bicycle manufacturing companies has provided many advantages to the best folding bike, United Quest C1.02. First, it can be seen from the bicycle frame which is made of sturdy iron material so that the bicycle can last a long time even though it is used with high intensity.

Then for the front shock that folding bikes generally don’t have, United includes this device with a suspension component that keeps the bike stable when traveling on uneven roads. In the shifting part, United equips this bike with Rear Derailleur Shimano 6 SP; which makes this bike ideal for daily needs. The brakes on this folding bike; which is an important part of ensuring the safety of the rider are also very well designed. Untied uses Alloy V-Brake for the front and rear so that it meets the required safety standards.

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US Military element

Do you want to use a folding bicycle that is durable with a really male frame and design? You can choose the US Military Element. Different from the Element products that we have listed in the first point; for this series Element upholds the capabilities of bicycles. This is evidence by the ability of this bike to pass through the highway and slightly off-road. The existence of a good suspension; and hydraulic brake system makes this bike ideal for going through a slightly tough terrain.

Talking about the frame, of course this folding bike from Element is also made of lightweight alloy and is resistant to rust. As for the performance itself, this bike has excellent handling responsibility; to provide comfort when using a bicycle over long distances. This bike is also magical because it has 27 speed options; that can be adjust according to road conditions, especially when climbing.

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike. Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Folding Bike. The Chinese company, which has been known to the Indonesian public for its cheap smartphone products, has also issued products other than smartphones. That’s right, Xiaomi has also participated in producing a folding bike called the Xiaomi Mi Qicycle. In fact, Xiaomi also has another bicycle series, the Mi Drone, which has the ability to record video up to 4k resolution.

For the Mi Qicycle series itself, Xiaomi has also paired a number of advanced technologies and features that will make users feel proud to own them. These features include a bike tracker that is connect to the application. This bike can also record the distance traveled, speed, GPS, and even the calories burned during use. Any technology contain in this folding bicycle can be used after the electric power on this bicycle has been charged.

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Texas Police Folding Bike

The minimalist design makes the Texas Police folding bike popular with many people. The combination of blue, black, and a nice little yellow make this bike very interesting to look at. Then, how about the performance of this folding bike?; Texas Police folding bikes themselves also meet the criteria as quality folding bikes in general, namely having a lightweight and anti-rust frame.

This premium folding bicycle disc brake part is quite gripping if it hasn’t been damage. For the gear operation, you can set up to 7 speed options to make it easier for users to navigate flat or uphill roads. This bicycle also meets the standards which can be seen in the status of meeting SNI. On the back of the Texas Police folding bike, a pillion and trunk are include.

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Recommended Folding Bike Brand

Recommended Folding Bike Brand

Switching to the next recommended folding bike brand is Evergreen Folding Bike. Evergreen Folding Bike 20″.  Just like Element, this product from Evergreen also has a tire size of 20 inches. Bicycles that are easy to fold have a lift made of high quality high tensile steel. This bike design may be standard, but still looks trendy and attractive to look at.

This best folding bicycle is suitable as a gift for children because it has a v-brake brake system so it is safer. The braking system makes the brakes grip and softer when used. For the speed section itself, you can set up to 6 times the teeth with just one right thumb. This great children’s folding bicycle from Evergreen has a frame that easily folds, is in the center of the bar and on the handlebar just by pressing or pulling the QR when you want to fold or reattach it.

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Polygon Urbano Folding Bike 3

Polygon has experience in creating quality bicycle products, including folding bikes. One of the best folding bikes from Polygon is the Polygon Urbano 3, which is sold at a price range of 4 million. With such an expensive price, Polygon certainly doesn’t want to disappoint its customers. This is evidenced by Polygon’s seriousness in designing this original folding bike.

Polygon Urbano 3 is specially made for urban riders who have limited storage space. The frame of this folding bike is rust resistant and of course lightweight. For the parts that can be folded on this bicycle are located on the handlebars, pedals, middle frame and rear wheel. This best folding bike is equipped with 7 speed options that can be adjusted simply by shifting gears. This product also allows users to carry drinks or other items because of the luggage at the back.

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The Best Folding Bikes

The Best Folding Bikes

The best folding bikes are bikes that are designed to make it easier and more efficient when used by making a touch of innovation so that they can adapt to the growing era. However, the folding bicycle was created not only to achieve this goal, but also prioritize a more flexible and practical use. This folding bicycle is very suitable for use for children and adults when on vacation such as to the top, villages, and recreational areas that have other large areas because of the ease with which they can be folded and carried everywhere.

Best Folding Bike

Besides being practical and flexible to use and carry everywhere, folding bikes also look more stylish and unique. The use of this folding bicycle is only ideal for flat roads, such as on paved, conblocked, or already casted roads. For heavy and rocky terrain or freestyle, you should avoid using folding bikes. Roads with lots of holes also need to be avoided because folding bike generally do not have front shocks. For the price, folding bikes have quite varied prices, some are priced at low prices below 1 million, above 1 million; there are even folding bikes that are priced at tens of millions.

After knowing a little information about the use of folding bikes; then we will provide recommendations for the best folding bikes that have proven quality. We share this list of folding bikes with a wide selection of brands, prices; and models for children or adults so you can customize them for gifts; for use alone for daily exercise or other needs.

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Ecosmo Element Folding Bike 20

Element has a large selection of quality folding bikes with a variety of price options, from quite cheap to expensive. For the first one, we recommend that you choose the Element Ecosmo 20 inch tire size. The frame or frame of this nice and inexpensive folding bicycle is made of lightweight alloy and is rust resistant. For those who don’t know, alloy is a mixture of metal which is often used as the main ingredient for bicycle accessories or frames, such as the Element Ecosmo 20.

Element’s best folding bike can be your workout companion every day. The features applied to this bike include 7 speed options (gear shift); with a Shimano shifter that can adapt to various road conditions and provide flexibility in cycling. With durability, aka high durability, this folding bike with 20-inch tires does not require extra maintenance.

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications. In this increasingly modern era, bicycles have become something that everyone must have like smartphones, because besides being easy to carry sports, bicycles are also very comfortable to relax around the home complex.

If you are a lover of UNITED bikes, then this UNITED Clovis 3.1 (27.5 “) bike might be perfect for you. United’s mountain bike has launched another 27.5-inch MTB bike model, the Clovis model.
United Clovis 3.1 (Yellow Gray)

United Clovis 3.1 bikes have a lightweight and rust-resistant frame and are manufactured with neat welded joints with United’s experienced Quality Control manufacturer. Using an internal cable routing system (the cable paths into the frame) so that it looks tidier and more fashionable.

Having 9 x 2 speed options, this bike is suitable for dealing with various road conditions, using a boost thru axel system, where the bicycle tire hub distance is widened up to 148 mm for stability, so that the rear of the bike will be much more efficient when going through cornering terrain, and more stable in all terrains or when driving at high speed.

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United Clovis 3.1 (Gray)

With a tire measuring 27.5 inches makes this bike more sturdy and manly, in addition to increasing the traction of the tire so that it is less slippery on the road.


User: Teenagers and Adults
Frame (Frame Material): Alloy Internal Cable Routing
Color Options: Yellow Gray and Red Gray, Available Sizes (15 “) and (17”)
Fork (Front Fork): Suntour XCM 32 T120mm Lockout Boost TA
Rear Shock (rear suspension): –
Shifter (Gear Shift): Shimano Alivio 2 x 9 Speed
Front Derailleur (Front Shifters): Shimano Alivio 2 Speed
Rear Derailleur (Rear Gear Shift): Shimano Alivio 9 Speed
Crankset (Crankshaft): Shimano 170mm 22 / 36T
Bottom Bracket (As Crank): Square Tapered
Cassette (Back Tooth): Niseko 11-34T
Chain: YBN
Pedals: Alloy
Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano MT200, 160mm Rotor
Rear Brake: Hydraulics Disc Brake Shimano MT200, 160mm Rotor
Handle Bar (Handlebar): Nautilus 720 x 31.8mm
Stem (Neck Handlebar): Nautilus
Saddle (Saddle): United, Width 140mm
Seatpost (Saddle Pole): Nautilus 350 x 30.9mm
Hub (Axle): 32H Boost TA
Rims (wheels): Double Wall
Tires (Tires): Maxxis Ardent 27.5 x 2.25
Spokes (Radius): 32 Spokes
Extra: –
Tota’s weight: 14.91

Polygon Brand Important Three Aspects

Polygon Brand Important Three Aspects

Polygon Brand Important three aspects are innovation, authenticity and quality.

Every product from POLYGON bikes is of the best quality; because it is done very well by a team of professionals with the innovation of the Ripple Coalition Team. This team consists of engineers, designers, creative thinkers, and riders from Indonesia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and America.

The technological innovation produced by POLYGON has recognized worldwide by the name of the Floating Suspension System; which has been born since 2012, and until now it has entered the 3rd generation.

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The technology use by POLYGON also recognized by the German media “World of MTB”; as authentic technology and contributes to world MTB technology innovation.

Not only there, in 2017, POLYGON bikes also collaborated with NAILD with a vision to provide the best cycling experience by presenting the XQUARONE EX series; with the latest suspension design innovations which claimed to be pioneers in Indonesia and even in the world.

The collaboration was successful; so that it able to win the Innovation of the Year award by Pinkbike in 2017.

In addition to using the best technology that has recognized by the world; POLYGON bikes in making production also always make production with variants that are always fresh every year; with the latest color modifications, decals, technology and parts with the aim of improving the performance; and quality of bikes that produced for lovers. bicycle, enthusiast, and professional athlete.

Another achievement from POLYGON bikes in the world arena is related to the achievement of POLYGON, which until now its products are trusted by the Polygon UR Team; which in 2017 became the world’s number one downhill team, as their flagship bike to run in the UCI DH World Cup series and used by world-class freeriders professional Kurt Sorge to win 2 times the World’s Extreme Freeride Competition Champion.

That is at least the complete history of POLYGON bicycles which quality is no longer in doubt.

Polygon Bicycle Brand History

Polygon Bicycle Brand History

Polygon Bicycle Brand History. All bicycle lovers, even those who do not like bicycles, must know and have heard of the POLYGON bicycle brand.

Initially, many people thought that the POLYGON bicycle was a foreign product and not a production that actually made in Indonesia.

But with time, more and more people like to ride bicycles, and the popularity of POLYGON bikes, and the more often national media cover POLYGON bikes, so now many know that these POLYGON bikes are indeed made in Indonesia.

In order for lovers to know more about how POLYGON can be like today, here we discuss the POLYGON bicycle profile which we quote directly from the official POLYGON website.

The Polygon factory which has a Polygon bicycle area tester facility in the Factory Area

History of POLYGON

POLYGON office which is located on Jl. Jawa 393, Ds. Wadungasih, Buduran, Sidoarjo is a local product but the quality is on an international scale.

In fact, POLYGON bicycles have been established since 1989. Before their current size, POLYGON bicycles started only as a small company, which at that time only oriented to produce special bikes for export.

Maybe because initially it focused on the export market; so it is only natural that some people think that this POLYGON bicycle is considered a product from abroad.

During the journey in the first 10 years, POLYGON did many things; especially related to the learning process and focus on preparing for independent brand development.

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Since its inception, POLYGON Bikes has a vision to be a quality bicycle brand not only in the local and national markets, but also in the global market and ready to compete in the international market.

To realize this big vision, in 2000, POLYGON began to expand in the form of factory expansion; and investment to use high-tech production equipment that adapted to international standards.

Polygon continues to grow by having an independent factory, assembly; and distribution network that meets world standards; so that it can continue to control every aspect from the initial idea to the final delivery of high quality bicycles.

With a big vision and mission, POLYGON certainly maintains its big name reputation by continuing to prioritize authenticity, originality; and the best quality in every production of its bicycle.

POLYGON’s long struggle continues to reach the peak of its popularity until finally now; POLYGON Bikes have distributed in 500 outlets spread across various parts of the world; and will continue to grow.

Currently POLYGON sales have reached up to 33 countries and will continue to grow.

Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike

Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike

Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike. When it comes to motorbikes or cars, indeed Indonesia has yet to have its own proud production. But for bicycles, there are already many Indonesian bicycle brands worldwide such as Polygon, Thrill, United, Pacific; and the ones we will discuss are Odessy and Celcius bicycle brands.

The thing you need to know is that Odessy and Celsius are basically owned by the same company, which is owned by PT LINTAS BANGUN NUSANTARA which is located in Blitar, East Java.

History of ODESSY Bikes and CELCIUS Bikes

At the beginning of its establishment, this Odessy bicycle started as an ordinary bicycle shop, which at that time known as the biggest shop in Blitar with the name of its bicycle shop, namely Toko Jaya.

Toko Jaya itself is one of the biggest shops in Blitar and been around since 1960.

Even though it was only a bicycle shop, at that time Toko Jaya had successfully expanded to Bandung and Jakarta.

Finally, since 2005, the first bicycle with the ODESSY brand created and continues to work in the Indonesian bicycle industry with variants of racing, MTB, Folding, BMX and Mini bikes.

Even though it is still relatively new, ODESSY bikes still prioritize the best quality with guaranteed prices that can be affordable by the general public.

CELCIUS bicycle

After taking part in bicycle production; the Company finally decided to make a bicycle with a quality Luxury Bike with a new brand called CELCIUS Bicycle.

As the name of the type is “Luxury Bike”, it is as if the company wants to image and compare that CELCIUS type bikes will be made more luxurious than those of the ODESSY brand.

Where do we know that ODESSY bikes have synonymous with bikes that are known for their cheap and affordable prices.

Even so, it is not known for sure; why the company had to create a new brand and brand called CELCIUS to sell bikes that seemed luxurious. Even though in fact it is possible to just add certain series that seem more luxurious. However, it is all the right of the company to create a new branding brand called Celcius.

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However, in its development; some bicycle lovers still think that the CELCIUS brand still doesn’t see much difference between ODESSY and CELCIUS.

Even the impression is still the same; including the model, and the price is not much different from the ODESSY bicycle brand.

But in the end, let the market judge.

In terms of quality, the company itself has claimed that its production has now obtained the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certificate and the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.