Advantages of Folding Bikes

Now that you understand the advantages of folding bikes that have been summarized above, then Gowes Lovers will give tips on choosing the right folding bike. There are so many factors that must be considered in choosing a folding bike so that we don’t make the wrong choice and regret it later. Immediately following the explanation.


There are so many folding bicycle products on the market, starting from the price, the variety of components, the materials used, the brand and the folding technology system. Of course, this is something you should consider when choosing. It is recommended for you to buy a folding bike according to your budget and according to your needs. Do not impose exorbitant prestige but a thin budget is not recommended.

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Folding Technology

In folding bike products, the unique icon is that the bicycle can be folded. The point of folding technology is that a folding bike can be folded in 2 stages; and 3 stages or simply 2 folds and 3 folds. For 2 folds the process of folding the bike is in the middle and the handlebars; while the 3 folds are at the back, middle and handlebars. Then the difference after being folded is that the 3 folds of the cubication are smaller and more efficient than the 2 folds. Now, this is the factor you have to consider when choosing a bicycle, how much fold and according to your needs.

A little explanation, yes, that folding bikes that have 2 folds have the advantage of being affordable; can modify components, spare parts are easy to get and easy to maintain; while the only drawback is that the folds are less practical and still take up space and space. Continued folding bikes with 3 folds, the advantages are the results of folds that are practical; and efficient and minimal in terms of maintenance. while the disadvantages are that it is more expensive; modifications are limited, and spare parts are hard to find.

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