Chinese Carbon Bike and Cheap Operation

Chinese Carbon Bike and Cheap Operation

Chinese carbon bike and cheap operation – Friends, today I want to share with you my impressions of the Chinese carbon fiber, which I bought last year for my great Bianchi Kuma. I’ll tell you a little about how and where I purchased it, and how it showed itself during a year of operation. You will also find out if it is worth buying carbon from China.

Economic Operation

If you really want to save money, learn to service your bike yourself. To get started, you need a good set of hexagon, something like angular with handles, or even simple split hexagons, which are much more convenient to work with than regular multitools. Of course, they are not interchangeable when traveling, but they are not very convenient in the workshop. The corners will become your main tool.

The more complex chinese bikes become and the more components require specific tightening forces, the more important it becomes to get your own torque wrench. For example, the need arises when you have a machined aluminum stem and carbon handlebar, and you do not want to pinch it so as not to damage it. The stem usually indicates a tightening torque of 5 N.m (Newton / meters), just insert the wrench and look at the torque indicator. This way you can be sure that everything is clamped correctly and there will be no problems.

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P.S. This is the end of our useful tips, in which I talked about how economical the operation of a chinese bike should be. So keep the bike in good condition and it will save you some money. There is no doubt that the most perspicacious of you will find something to add. Feel free to leave your tips in the comments below this article. And that’s all, bye everyone!

Mountain Bike Operating Tips

Mountain Bike Operating Tips

Mountain Bike Operating Tips – Switching to tubeless wheels will require an initial investment, but the benefits are substantial. You can ride with less pressure, but with more grip. Also, if you ride on trails with thorns or sharp stones, the chances of puncture are significantly reduced compared to using conventional cameras.

Tubeless patches

When you have a hole or cut in your tubeless tube, it may seem like you need to luxuriate on a new one. But now several companies are offering tubeless patches. These are either small worms that need to be tucked in from the outside, or patches from the inside. Both of them often live to the very end of the tire.

A stuck seatpost

This tip will not only help you save money, but also prevent a big problem when trying to pull a carbon seatpost out of your frame. In case you weren’t aware, the carbon post sticks to the inside of the carbon frame, just as it sticks to the inside of the aluminum frame.

What to do about it? It’s simple. You need to apply some special paste to fix the carbon parts to the tube or seat. It will help secure the seatpost and keep you from sticking to each other. Believe me, this can be very unpleasant.

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Protective film

Protective film (like oracal) or special decals are a great addition to your mountain bike. It will not allow any pebbles and cables to spoil and wipe your frame. For example, this will help keep the top feather from dangling from the chain. Also, stickers in those places where the cables touch the steering tube will not be superfluous. It can even be glued to the top tube where you rub against the frame with your knees.

Economical Mountain Bike Operation

Economical Mountain Bike Operation

Economical Mountain Bike Operation – In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 helpful mountain bike operating tips to save you money on maintenance. Perhaps, the following recommendations are already known to many cyclists, but beginners, most likely, still do not know a lot. Let’s figure it out.

1. Keep the bike clean

If you immediately put your mountain bike down after a dirty ride and symbolically sprinkle it with “vdshka”, then you run the risk of discovering seized bearings in a couple of days. Complete cleaning with degreasing and rinsing with soapy water will keep your bike in good working order for much longer.

2. Dry the chain

So, you’ve got your favorite bike cleaned, what should you do next? Take, for example, an old cotton T-shirt, because it is perfect for wiping dry not only the chain, but the entire bike. Wipe moisture off the chain to keep it from rusting, removes any remaining dirt and prepares it for lubrication.

3. Lubricate the chain

After wiping, apply lubricant to the chain near the system, away from the brake rotors. Why lubricate the chain at all? This prevents the chainring and cassette from wearing out too quickly and also extends the life of the chain itself. And riding on a lubricated chain is much more pleasant than on a dry one.

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4. Pen protection

A great and very cheap way to protect your lovely is to cover the bottom feather with something. the chain constantly hammers against it and damages the paint. To do this, you can buy a feather protector or, if you are very economical, take an old bicycle tube, cut it lengthwise and wrap it around the feather. After winding the camera, secure the ends with ties or tape. An excellent collective farm will come out!

Special Design of Cruiser Bike

Special Design of Cruiser Bike

Special Design of Cruiser Bike – Beautiful large rudders are provided by the designers as compensation for a more direct landing. As you straighten, you move away from the handlebars, so the length of the handles is obvious. The controls are a little confusing at first, but you can gradually get used to it. It’s not usual because the pivot point of the handlebars is removed and the arms are slightly bent compared to mountain bikes, much like a motorcycle. The longer the handles, the more unusual the fit, but cruiser bike are quite flexible in geometry and design options. They are large and not designed for jumping or climbing stairs like hardtails.

Therefore, the strength of the frame, resistance to impacts is not so important, although this is not a trifle, because cruisers are large. But that’s why we get such an unheard-of variety of geometries, a play of imagination in which designers can not limit themselves. When developing the design of hardtails, such liberties are not allowed. The departure from the classic triangle must be justified and provide certain advantages.

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The Weight

The weight of the cruisers is not a parameter to pay attention to. They are large and therefore heavy. So don’t even dream of loading them into your trunk with ease. Although they are not much larger than the size of hardtails, and sometimes even the same, the large handlebar and sweeping frame do the trick.

This is where I will end this post today; and in the next article I will tell you how to choose the right cruiser and what you should pay attention to before buying. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, write your question in the comments below. And that’s all for me, see you soon!

Design Features in Cruiser Bike

Design Features in Cruiser Bike

Design features in cruiser bike – The bike is quite heavy in design. It is most convenient for driving on city smooth roads. Developers try not to chase low weight and most often offer frames made of “hi-ten” steel with 1-3 speeds on such a bike. There are also advanced models made of aluminum, but at a higher price and with a large number of speeds.

The cruiser bicycle frame is designed in such a way that it easily allows for a straight and comfortable landing. Bicycle accessories are also designed to be as comfortable as possible. Of these, the following can be distinguished:

wide and straight steering wheel;
wide leather saddle;
trunk, basket;
full-length wide wings;
chain cover;

Women’s and men’s cruisers, respectively, have different designs and designs. Women’s bicycles, as a rule, have a lowered upper tube in the frame design, which is parallel to the lower one.

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Frame geometry

I would like to say a few words about geometry. Interestingly, on cruisers, the pedals are a short distance under the seat. For example, in mountain bikes, the position creates a certain fit – the body leans forward slightly to reduce wind resistance, while the back also moves forward. Thus, when hitting obstacles, there is a natural shock absorption by the body – you bend and straighten.

On cruisers, the bike pedal are generally extended forward, and the angle between the wheel, seat and system is sharper, which means the body moves back. At the same time, you will have the feeling of a comfortable fit; in which the head does not tilt, but looks straight ahead. This system has a significant plus, for which beginners; and girls choose such bicycles for themselves – the ability to put their feet on the ground during a stop without getting up from the saddle.

Usually, for this, beginners lower the saddle, which in turn increases the stress on the joints. By analogy, this is like walking in single file – the legs do not fully extend and do not rest, the joints are in tension all the time. An acute angle solves this problem.

What is Cruiser Bike?

What is Cruiser Bike?

What is Cruiser Bike? – Greetings to all blog readers! In one of the previous articles, I told you in detail about the city bike, about its design features, about its advantages and disadvantages. Today I want to talk about another variety of these bikes, which are now called cruiser bikes.

Why are these bicycles so special and why do they have such a name? Now we will try to understand everything with you, but we will start a little with a background and an understanding of what a cruiser bicycle is in general.

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Cruiser history

A cruiser is a type of city bike that is also designed to travel within a city on a flat surface. It is distinguished by its unique construction and design, as well as by a low (from 1 to 8) number of gears. Cruisers are most often preferred by lovers of classic authentic style, as well as comfortable suburban and city driving.

The first appearance of cruisers can be attributed to 1933; when the well-known firm Schwinn replenished its lineup with a bicycle with a heavy; and very strong frame, on which reinforced upper tubes were installed, and this bike also had inch balloon tires. These bicycles got the name “cruiser” thanks to the motorcycles-cruisers, which looked like them very much.

From 33 to 60 of the last century, these bicycles became widespread and very popular. Every year they got better and better, underwent constant design changes and thus became more and more like the original motorcycle.

But after the peak in popularity of these bikes, with the release of more modern; and new models, the popularity of Schwinn began to decline. The popularity of cruisers returned only in the 90s; when many strong and new brands appeared on the market; such as: Kustom Kruiser, Nirve, Electra, Gary Fisher, etc. Today, these manufacturers are very carefully working on design; and construction within the framework of the classic urban the appearance of the cruiser.

The Bike Trip in The Village

The Bike Trip in The Village

The Bike Trip in The Village – Then I noticed that the phone was discharged to 15% (RunKeeper was eating up the battery + 3G and GPS very much). Fortunately, I took a power bank and immediately connected the phone to it. And I also noticed that the water in my hydrator was running out, at most half a liter and I had to find some kind of stall to buy water and refuel it.

During the halt, I began to ponder my next steps. The thought of moving in the opposite direction already seemed to me a boring undertaking, and it did not inspire me at all to go along the same road. Therefore, I decided to take the bull by the horns, collect all the will and strength not in a fist, but in the legs and ride the so-called “Kakhovskoye ring” (this is for the Kherson people) or the “Kherson ring” (this is for the people of Kakhov). The idea was just crazy for me and I still had no idea how I would drive another 70 km.

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Way Back

The way back was no longer morally for me, and I started on my way. Bike trip up from Antonovka, I remembered my Velo-50 in Kherson, because the route went along this road. And at that moment I recalled how I passed this section then; how I cursed myself then, how I wanted to stop and fall somewhere on the side of the road. But this time I rode this ascent with a grin and remembered myself then; and that was only in the spring. Considering that this time about 70 km were covered behind the back, and then it was only 35-40, the ascent was passed in the heat, not at all critical and mentally calm.

The water was running out, and on the horizon there was not a single store for you; even at the miserable gas station before the junction there was nothing for sale. I had to drive a little along the highway towards Nikolaev; where I stopped at a more normal gas station, where there was a store. There I bought 2 bottles of 0.5 liters each with plain non-carbonated water (for refueling the hydrator) because there were no large bottles, as well as a bottle of Pepsi and Snickers. It was divine – the body demanded carbohydrates and received them. The tanker started asking where and where, he joked; but then we said goodbye and he wished us a good journey. At the gas station, I noticed that clouds were approaching from the south.

Biking Experience in the Village

Biking Experience in the Village

Biking Experience in the Village – Somewhere in the center of the village, I stopped near the first store I came across and bought a jar of sprite there (I wanted something sweet). And then came the turning point when I began to think: “Shouldn’t I go further? Will I be able to get to Kherson? Or maybe make a hundred? “. Apparently the refreshing Sprite successfully hit me in the head and I nevertheless decided to go to Kherson. The first goal was to get to the Antonovsky bridge and then come back, if anything.

After the Cossacks there was the first stop due to need and then a very long road began to the Tsuryupa highway. I did not expect, to be honest, that this section of the road would be so long and boring.

There are practically no cars and people, the road as a whole is not bad, but in places with holes that can be easily bypassed on a bike ride, but the cars had to stop. On this section of the path, I also made a couple of small stops in those places where there were trees near the road, because this section was practically passed under the very sun, when the sun was at its zenith.

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The Highway

Well, finally I got to the highway and turned right towards Kherson. He joined the frantic traffic flow. The road to the bridge also seemed to me very long, although there is only about 6 km from the turn to the bridge. And then the first thoughts began to visit me, and not whether they will come back. But the goal was set and it was necessary to move on. In Oleshki (Tsuryupisk) I met the first and only uniformed cyclist on my way. I waved to him, and he froze something bastard. Well, okay, I moved on.

Hooray! This is the cherished bridge that I so wanted to see. He stood on it for a while, enjoyed the landscape, watched the man go fishing and drove on. The next stop was near the “Kherson” stele, which was very symbolic for me and raised morale at the thought of the achieved goal. In the shade near a private house, I took a break for 20 minutes.

How I Rode a Bike to Kherson

How I Rode a Bike to Kherson

How I rode a bike to Kherson – Sometimes extraordinary ideas come quite spontaneously, which happened to me on August 10, 2016. Not quite early in the morning, at 9:45 am, I decided to take a ride in the direction of the Cossack Camps, because I have never been there. Yes, and I think, I’ll get some air, I’ll be back by dinner.

The trip was planned the night before, so the chain was first lubricated and nothing more. In the morning, after breakfast, I packed my backpack, took everything I needed (spare camera, repair kit, multitool and pump). I refused a bottle of water and took a 2-liter drinking system, which later helped me a lot. I put a camera and a power bank in the load (just in case).

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The Morning

As I mentioned above, I left the house at 9:45. There was no intense heat yet, but there was a breeze that blew throughout the entire journey. Taking an average pace of 25 km / h, I flew through Osnova, Dnepryany, Korsunka and only in Krynki did I make the first stop at a bus stop (lol).

Here, the first of two horseshoes I bought from a bakery near the house was eaten. Just at the first pit stop, I felt the growing heat; when at one moment you expire in a stream of sweat. But when you ride a bike and the headwind is blowing, then everything is fine and the heat is not so felt.

So I went on. Behind Krynki, in some places there was a very “fun” road, like Dutch cheese; but I had already been notified of this in advance; although I expected a worse road. On the advice of one friend of a cyclist, I drove into the Cossack Lageri down the bottom; did not turn to the top to the left, because there is only one name for the road.

Should You Start a Relationship With Cyclists?

Should You Start a Relationship With Cyclists?

Should you start a relationship with cyclists? – If you are lucky enough to meet such a girl, then do not write off rejoicing ahead of time. At first, most likely everything will be great for you and you will be glad that you found each other, and that you have a common hobby.

After the candy-bouquet period has passed, and the level of endorphins in your body returns to its normal state, then with a high degree of probability it will strain you and you will want to ride alone or start looking towards other girls. Or vice versa, your girlfriend will start to glance at other guys in a tight bike.

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It’s good if your relationship is successful and grows into something more. Personally, I know several examples of strong cycling families in my city. I have very good friends Julia and Anton, sometimes we ride together. Very positive and kind guys. So, a couple of years ago, they met at one of our pokatushki and somehow everything started spinning very quickly. We constantly skated together, and then got married after a while. Julia has an adult daughter who also rides a bike. In general, an ideal family. Nowadays, this is a rare case when everything is so successful, but according to statistics, more often than not even couples with a common hobby do not always get along for a long time due to various reasons and life circumstances.

So guys, here I will not specifically advise you on anything. And as for whether it is worth starting a relationship with a girl cyclist, I will tell you this – it is definitely worth a try, and then the map will lie down and time will tell. If you want to know my opinion, then I would like to have such a girl, but only if she does not limit my freedom and constantly impose with pokatushki.

As I said above, I prefer to ride alone. And no girl can give those emotions and sensations when you are alone with nature and taste every second of its harmony and bliss. This is a special feeling and the bike is exactly the tool that allows you to catch these moments and enjoy them in private.

Where to Look for Cyclists

Where to Look for Cyclists

Where to look for cyclists – Now let’s consider the next question: where to look for girls cyclists for guys who would like to ride in pairs? The answer to this question lies on the surface and everything is much simpler than you think.

Well, first of all, you can find a cyclist on the social network, in the cycling public of your city. This is the easiest way, but not the most efficient one. Although you can try to write to the girl and offer her a bike ride together.

Secondly, the best way to meet a girl cyclist is to come to various events like a bike day, to some competitions or quests, as well as to take part in weekend rides with cycling in your city. At such gatherings, you will definitely meet someone.

Well, the third way, for those who do not like motive power and noisy companies. The strategy is very simple and uncomplicated and consists in the fact that you will be in the role of a hunter to look for your prey. In simple terms, you are just driving around the city alone, preferably somewhere in the park and looking out for lonely girls on a bike. And thus, get to know the one that you like the most.

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The Reason

And a reason for dating is the easiest to come up with. For example, drive up and say: “Hi, I noticed your bike chain is poorly lubricated, I just have a tube of lubricant. Let’s make your trip more enjoyable? ”Or something like that. I think you will understand.

In the early stages of a relationship, when you’ve just met and started dating but aren’t living together yet; riding a bike together can even be an adventure and may well add romance to your nascent relationship. But here you also need to be able not to overdo it, so that it does not become boring and your girlfriend or you do not lose interest in this. I mean joint rides. Well, I think we figured it out with that. Let’s go further.

Well, we sorted it out. Now let’s talk about whether it is worth starting a relationship with a girl cyclist?

Convincing Girlfriend to Ride Bike With Jealousy

Convincing Girlfriend to Ride Bike With Jealousy

Convincing Girlfriend to Ride Bike With Jealousy – Just try this trick: on the bike ride of your city, take more general photos, in which the girls-cyclists must be present. When your girlfriend sees them, jealousy may appear in her and this will be her motivation to ride with you in order to keep rivals away from you. If you don’t see any reaction to these photos, then most likely you should start looking specifically at the cyclists in your movement.

Now let’s look at the second case, when your girlfriend likes your hobby, but she says that she does not know how to ride a bike, but would love to ride with you.

In this situation, everything already looks much simpler. You just need to buy a new one or assemble some unpretentious bike from old parts and take up the responsibility for training your girlfriend. When she has completely mastered the bike and is confidently sitting in the saddle, you can safely take her with you on the rides and have a wonderful time together.

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And now I will express my opinion. Of course, everyone has different attitudes and, accordingly, situations may differ. But as for me, I prefer to ride more alone and sometimes with friends. For me, this is a rest, both from work and from personal life. When you live with a girl, then you are constantly together: doing household chores, walking, sleeping, etc. And if you also skate together, then it’s already strained, as for me.

And here it’s not that the girl is bad or good, but it’s about personal space and emotional release. You need to be able to rest for yourself from everything and everyone. I really like to be alone sometimes, and if it is also on a bicycle; then this is generally a complete brain relaxation. And I would not want to be bothered by my girlfriend at such moments.

How to Convince Girlfriend to Ride Bike Together

How to Convince Girlfriend to Ride Bike Together

How to convince girlfriend to ride bike together – Hello everyone. As always, Sergey is in touch with you, and today I want to share with you my thoughts, as well as personal observations that I decided to put together in this article. We will talk about the beautiful half of humanity, namely about girls-cyclists, which many of us are madly in love with.

How to convince your girlfriend to ride a bike together?

Surely many of you, being in a relationship with a girl, thought about how wonderful it would be to ride a bike together and enjoy the ride even more. Unfortunately, not all girls share this hobby to the full, or they don’t take it seriously at all. It’s good when she likes it as much as you do, and you have complete harmony and a common hobby or even sports interest.

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For example, you want your girlfriend to skate with you and your friends. How to instill this hobby in her and is it worth bothering with it at all?

Let’s look at the first case. You are madly in love with the bike, this is your hobby or just regular riding with friends. Your girlfriend is indifferent to this, for her it is something like gatherings in the garage or fishing, where only men gather and nothing more. Your pokatushki for her to one place most likely, as well as for you her get-togethers with friends, where they discuss the heroes of the soap series or new lipstick colors from the avon catalog.

Of course, you can buy her a bike in the hope that your passion will share your hobby with you, you can also tell her for a long time about the benefits of cycling for the health of the body, etc. etc. But, most likely, nothing good will come of it with a high degree of probability. She, of course, so as not to offend you, can ride a couple of times and this is likely to be the end. Her bike will be in the corner, and you will still ride alone or with friends. In this situation, you can no longer do anything, because the girl has no motivation, no interest in your hobby and is unlikely to ever sit behind the wheel of a bicycle.

The Recommended Fixie Bike

The Recommended Fixie Bike

The Recommended Fixie Bike – The Reebok Cyrus fixie bike brand is now quite popular and has many enthusiasts. Because it is designed to use a freewheel, it makes this bike very comfortable to ride. Especially for those of you who live in urban areas, this bike has many functions. Besides being used as a means of transportation and sports, it can also be used for relaxing bicycles during holidays.

The frame is design using a strong and sturdy alloy material. The Reebok Cyrus fixie bike is very responsive when braking. This fixie bike model is designed quite fresh and is available in many colors on the frame. The price for this brand of bicycle is IDR 3,500,000.00.


Can be use as a comfortable exercise bike.
Designed with various color combinations.
Equipped with freewell which is very convenient.
Convenient for transportation and daily needs.
The braking system is very responsive and safer when used at high speeds.


The frame is smaller.
Tires are quite thin.

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Viva Comet

Another recommended fixie bike product is the Viva Comet brand. This bike is designed using aluminum alloy material which is quite sturdy and lightweight. The bicycle tire material is quite thin, which makes the Viva Comet bike have high speed because it uses a frame with a size M.

This fixie bike is very convenient for traveling, whether to go to work or exercise. The saddle is design with a very comfortable material, that’s what makes you feel at home even if you sit for a long time on this bike. The price for this bike is Rp. 1,500,000.00


Already equipped with a quill
There are many color variants.
Have a balanced pressure.


Only equipped with rear brakes only.
The frame is higher, which makes it quite difficult to go up and down.

Thanks for reading this bike review article.

Fixie Bike Price Survey

Fixie Bike Price Survey

Fixie Bike Price Survey – The last tip is to determine the spending budget to buy a fixie bike. Before you decide to buy a fixie bike, it never hurts to ask about the price offered. You can also search first on Google to find information about fixie bike prices.

By knowing the price of a bicycle, it will be easier for you to determine how much budget you need.

Polygon Rudge FX 700C

Polygon Rudge FX is a bicycle brand that is already quite popular among the public. This fixie bike is equipped with a schwalbe skid Durano with a size of 25 x 700 C. Designed with nickel gloss material, while the handle is made of quality cinelli paper.

For the sake of comfort and safety when driving, the Polygon Rudge FX 700C is designed using cinelli unicanitor steel rail material. For those of you who live in urban areas, this bicycle is very suitable for use as a means of transportation. The price for this brand of bicycle is Rp. 3,325,000.00.


The frame material is strong and sturdy, making it more durable and long lasting.
The saddle is made of soft material and can be used for a long time.
Designed to use high speed.
Has a fairly light load, only 12.8 kg.
Convenient to use as a means of transportation and exercise.
The handle is made of quality material and is very comfortable in the hand.


Only has 1 steering wheel model.
Has a fairly small frame.

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London Taxi Road LDT 700A

The London Taxi Road LDT 700A brand bicycle has a frame designed using aluminum alloy material. Another advantage of this fixie bike is that it has a lighter load making it easy to lift. The front and rear brakes already use V-Brake and Calliper Brake. In addition, this fixie bike is also design with a strong body.

This type of fixie bike is perfect for use as a means of transportation for work, exercise, and just relaxing cycling enjoying the afternoon atmosphere. This brand bicycle is price at IDR 3,790,000.00.


The frame is design to be corrosion resistant.
There are two color variants, namely black and pink.
The presence of Caliper Brake, makes the braking technique more comfortable.
Can be use for both women and men.


More prone to damage if subjected to a hard impact.
Lastly the design of the saddle is higher than the steering wheel, if you are not use to it, you will get tire faster.

Choosing The Right Fixie Bike

Choosing The Right Fixie Bike

Choosing The Right Fixie Bike – Because the shape is quite nice and cool, fixie bikes are in demand by all walks of life. Not only favored by teenagers, but parents also use a lot of fixie bikes. Fixie bikes are not only used as a sport, because many people use it as a means of transportation or just for style.

Now the fixie bike brands offered in the market are quite diverse and the prices also vary. The various superior facilities offered by this slim-shaped bicycle make its users more comfortable to ride. Interestingly, fixie bikes have a body that is quite slim and elegant.

Tips for Choosing a High Quality Fixie Bike

1. Try to Research First

Before deciding to buy a fixie bike, you should research the body and try it first so you don’t go wrong in choosing a bike. Because the price is quite expensive. The occurrence of a mismatch in choosing the type of bicycle, it will cause discomfort while riding it.

That is why, you must try it first whether the bicycle you choose meets the required criteria. So, it will not be in vain that you have spent a fairly expensive budget to buy a bicycle.

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2. Check the Body

The bicycle body is the most priority part, if the body has a good and strong condition, it will certainly make someone more comfortable when riding it. But if you are still in doubt, you should ask someone who already knows about bicycle.

If you have thoroughly checked the body and there are no defects, then you can buy the fixie bike that has been selected.

3. Bike Size

If the wearer is an adult, then you don’t have to worry about choosing the size of a fixie bike. Because using a bicycle with a large size will not be difficult and easy to control. In addition, fixie bikes have been confirmed when used are quite safe.

The Best Bike Helmet Brand List

The Best Bike Helmet Brand List

The Best Bike Helmet Brand List – Rockbros is a brand that produces many types of bicycle helmets, for example, a bicycle helmet which has a retro 90’s design. This helmet has high impact resistance and is equipped with a webbing strap.

Rockbros MTB Helmet

In addition to bicycle helmets, Rockbros also produces MTB Helmets with a sporty design for those of you who often ride mountain bikes. Keeping your head cool, this helmet is equipped with a moisture wicking pad that can absorb sweat optimally.

Good air circulation from this helmet will keep the inside of the helmet dry. That way, you don’t have to worry about odors or mold.

Aerogo Bicycle Helmet Gloss Titanium

Although it is priced relatively more expensive than other brands and types of bicycle helmets, the Aerogo Bicycle Helmet Gloss Titanium is very durable. You can even use this helmet for years.

Made from a microshell outer shell, this bicycle helmet has anti-corrosion properties as well as high durability. To add durability and durability, a microshell le foam liner is printed from this bicycle helmet.

Inbike Core Bike Helmet

Inbike manufactures bicycle helmets made from a mixture of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) shell with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), so it has a high impact absorption rate. Your safety will be guaranteed if you use this bicycle helmet.

In addition, this bicycle helmet is equipped with a windproof lens that can protect your eyes from wind and dust. You can remove or attach this lens whenever you want because it is magnetic.

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Limar Bicycle Helmet

This bicycle helmet from Limar has Superweight technology which makes this helmet feel light, so it won’t hurt when you use it. Air circulation from this helmet is very smooth because it is equipped with 24 ventilation holes.

This helmet is very comfortable to use when you are cycling because it is lightweight; and also will not make your head hot quickly. Having a very good quality, this bicycle helmet is priced at around 800 thousand rupiah.

Best Bike Helmet Recommendations

Best Bike Helmet Recommendations

Best Bike Helmet Recommendations – After understanding the tips for choosing and buying a bicycle helmet, you can choose the helmet you want or need. We have 4 recommendations for the best bicycle helmets for you. The bicycle helmets include the following:

1. Polygon Kids Wave Bicycle Helmet

For children who like cycling, you have to provide extra protection, for example by using a bicycle helmet from the Polygon brand. To minimize the impact that can be received by the child in the event of a collision, the helmet shell of this helmet is combined with lightweight foam.

The air circulation of this helmet is quite good, because it has ten ventilation holes. If your child is going to take part in a bicycle race, this helmet can be used while racing because it meets CE or Chartered Engineers standards.

2. Limar 555

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that has a high level of safety, this helmet can be an option. This helmet from the Limar brand can protect you from hard impacts because it has in-mold technology.

This Limar 555 helmet is not easily damaged, has a good air circulation system, and also has a removable pad for washing. That way, your helmet will stay clean and smell good.

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3. Genio

Not always products that have low prices are products that are not of high quality; for example this bicycle helmet from Genio.

Although priced at a low price, this bicycle helmet is of high quality; and is equipped with a visor to cover your eyes from direct sunlight.

4. Avand

In addition to bicycle helmets from Genio, the Avand brand bicycle helmet can also be an option for those of you who are looking for a bicycle helmet at an economical price. Made from EPU fiber or elastomeric polyurethane, this bicycle helmet can absorb shocks to the maximum.

The pads or pads in this helmet are soft, thus minimizing the impact on your head. Besides being able to absorb shocks; the use of EPU material also makes this bicycle helmet stronger and also more elastic.

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet – Currently, cycling is being loved and loved by various groups of people. When cycling, you must also prioritize safety by using a variety of safety equipment. You have to choose the best bicycle helmet to use.

If you are still confused about choosing a bicycle helmet that can be used, you should listen to this article to the end. We have summarized some tips for choosing a bike helmet along with recommendations for a bicycle helmet specifically for you.

Before deciding on a brand or brand, you must first determine a suitable bicycle helmet. Here are some tips from us that you can use to choose and buy a bicycle helmet:

1. Choose a Helmet Entry Model that Fits the Shape of the Head

In general, the shape of the human head is divided into two, namely round which is usually owned by Asians and also oval which is usually owned by Westerners.

By choosing a bicycle helmet according to the shape of the head, it will create a sense of comfort when using it and also more guaranteed security.

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2. Choose a Certified Bike Helmet

Don’t forget to choose a helmet that has been certified by SNI, because a certified product definitely has good quality and is guaranteed.

In addition to SNI, you can also choose a helmet with a Snell certificate, ASTM F1447, or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

3. Choose a Helmet that Suits the Activity

The type of helmet that must be used of course must adjust to the activity you are doing. If you like cycling on the streets or road bikes, you can choose the type of aerodynamic helmet.

However, if you prefer to ride freeride, downhill or dirt jump, a full face helmet is safer to use. Other types of helmets that can be chosen; such as mountain bike helmets, leisure helmets, kids helmets, aero road helmets, and many other types of bicycle helmets.

List of The Best Mountain Bike

List of The Best Mountain Bike

List of The Best Mountain Bike – Aviator has a bicycle frame made of the best components and a soft suspension from Japan. This bike can be used on both offroad and highway. Comes with a variety of sporty and elegant designs that you can choose according to your individual taste.

Its sleek and elegant design makes this Aviator mountain bike popular with many people, especially at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 756,250 – IDR 4,219,800

Atlantis Mountain Bike

The next recommendation is the Atlantis mountain bike which has high quality but is still affordable. For those of you who prioritize comfort while driving, the Atlantis mountain bike is the right choice. This is because the bike is design with a sturdy body and a lightweight front shock.

Another plus, the price is also friendly in the pocket but still durable in use for a long time. Very suitable for those of you who want to find a bicycle at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 824,999 – IDR 1,650,000

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Thrill Mountain Bike

At the beginning of its appearance, this local bicycle brand was famous for its products that had top-notch quality. Thrill mountain bikes are made with quality components that are lightweight and flexible and prioritize your comfort while riding. This bike is suitable for use in light to difficult terrain.

Another advantage, this Thrill comes with a fashionable and elegant model with a wide variety of variations. Then related to the price also varies depending on the specifications selected.

Price range: IDR 750,000 – IDR 20,700,000

Genio Mountain Bike

Another high quality local product that we should be proud of is Genio. Being in the same production house with United, of course, this bicycle is made with the best components that are comfortable to use both on the highway and soft offroad.

Regarding the model, this Genio mountain bike comes with a simple but elegant model when used across the street. In addition, the affordable price is also another advantage of this Genio mountain bike.

Price range: IDR 937,500 – IDR 2,500,000

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations – The following is a list of the best and quality mountain bikes that we recommend.

1. Odessy Gunung Mountain Bike

The Odessy mountain bike has a strong frame and a soft suspension suitable for riding in any road conditions. For offroad lovers, it is recommended to try this one bike. The design of the Odessy mountain bike is exclusive and looks luxurious. The bicycle frame uses an alloy frame that is light and strong and durable.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 4.250.000

2. Polygon Mountain Bike

The quality of the Polygon mountain bike is unquestionable. Polygon mountain bikes are tough and durable to use. The advantages of this brand mountain bike are that it has a sturdy and lightweight frame, seatpost stem and handlebar that can last for years.

Many types are launch by Polygon that can be adapt to the needs. Starting from MTB, City Bike, BMX, Road Bike and many more types.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 27,300,000

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3. Wimcycle Mountain Bike

One of the favorite bicycle brands for riders which is the best locally made bicycle brand. Durability and quality are capable of making this bicycle brand explore the international market. This mountain bike is suitable for traveling off-road roads.

Equipped with disc brakes and speed options up to seven gears with an easy-to-operate system. The Wimcycle mountain bike frame is sturdy and still light because it is made of Aluminum Alloy. The bicycle frame also has a 5 year official warranty. Many choices are provided for adults and children.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 3,440,000

4. Mountain Bike United

The next mountain bike is United. The United brand is Polygon’s toughest competitor. United has quality and guaranteed components. For 50 years working as the best manufacturer, the United bicycle brand has become a favorite among riders. With its simple and trendy appearance, it is very comfortable to drive.

Price range: IDR 2,000,000 – IDR 15,275,000

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike – Cycling is a type of cool and fun sport that has many benefits for our bodies. Routine cycling can help reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, cholesterol and so on.

In addition to making your body healthy and fit, this one activity can also make your mind more relaxed. You can do cycling activities on asphalt roads to more challenging areas such as mountains.

Talking about mountain bikes or commonly known as MTB (Mountain Bike) of course you will imagine a bike that is strong, strong, durable and has the right price. Given the many bicycles on the market. Here are tips on choosing and recommending mountain bike brands that can help you.

Tips for Choosing a Mountain Bike Brand

1. Recognizing the Type of Bike

The first thing you should know is the type of bike. Broadly speaking, there are four types of bicycles with different specifications and uses. The four types of bicycles are as follows: Road Bike, Mountain Bike (MTB), BMX and City Bike.

2. Prepare a Budget

Bicycles have different specifications according to needs. The price that must be paid to get a dream bike also varies. Types of mountain bikes are sold starting at Rp. 1 million. Apart from bicycles, you will also need some accessories such as helmets, water bottles and comfortable cycling clothes.

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3. Choosing Suspension

You have to understand the difference between hard trail or full suspension. Hard trail has no suspension at the rear, but is suitable in rough terrain. While full suspension has a softer comfort but is not suitable in heavy terrain. If you like cycling on steep mountains then the right choice is hard tail.

4. Matching Cycling Style

Choose a bike that matches your cycling style. Do you prefer cycling on city streets or in the mountains. Mountain bikes can also be used on city streets.

5. Adjusting Height

When choosing a mountain bike, make sure it fits your height. You can ask the seller about the bicycle frame that suits your height. This is very important for comfort when cycling.

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike – Fisher Price Touch Steering Trike. Fisher Price does not want to be absent in creating products that can entertain children. One of the best tricycles out there is the Touch Steering Trike, which starts at one million rupiah. This bike is considered safe for children from toddler age. For those of you who want to train your child’s motor skills from an early age, try giving him this bike.

This bike is equipped with a belt that fastens directly to the body, your child may not get more freedom of movement, but it will be safer from the risk of falling. If the child is tired of pedaling, you can help push the bike through the control stick and let the child’s feet rest on the available footing.

Jefferys London Taxi Tricycle

Jeffreys re-issued a tricycle that puts this classic design forward. On the wheels, there is a Union Jack (British flag) motif which makes it look even more attractive. This bike is also equipped with a cool design bell on the handlebars.

The steel design makes the London Taxi Tricycle durable and sturdy. Back to discussing the wheel, this bicycle wheel is made of a soft EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) polymer. Because it is not accompanied by a backrest, this bicycle should be given to children who can sit stably.

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Plan Toys Balance Tricycle PT3478

This bicycle is made to help train a child’s balance before using a two-wheeled bicycle. No pedals included, your child can focus more on adjusting his body balance. This tricycle bike made of recycled wood is definitely lightweight, comfortable, and also environmentally friendly.

You can teach your child the importance of adopting an eco lifestyle by giving him this bike. In addition to the frame made of recycled wood, this bicycle wheel is also made from recycled plastic. This is because Plan Toys is famous for its environmentally friendly educational toy products.

Looking back at the best tricycles in the list above, have you found the most eye-catching product? Tricycles must be safe and comfortable when used by children. These two aspects are very important.

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child – Radio flyer classic red tricycle with push handle. These bikes may seem classic and old-fashioned. However, seeing the bright red color bandage, not only your child who likes it, you too. Presented at a fairly high price, this bike certainly doesn’t want to disappoint parents with the quality it offers.

That’s why Radio Flyer designed this bike to be ideal for all ages. At the time of the toddler, the bicycle can be assisted by parents to control via a stick that can be adjusted in 3 positions to provide your comfort. After the child gets older, the stick can be removed and let the child pedal the pedal so that the leg muscles are trained.

Jefferys IIMO – Gentle White

Are you planning a weekend getaway with your family? You can buy this bicycle so that children can play freely in the garden at the hotel or villa where you stay. Jeffreys, a Japanese brand, released a foldable tricycle bikes. Even if you only use it at home, you can still have it thanks to this feature that makes it easy to store.

This bicycle prioritizes comfort as well as safety for children who use it. There is a seat belt that fits the child’s body. Regarding comfort, Jeffreys includes a backrest with a layer of foam as a cushion so that the child’s back does not hurt when leaning. Not to forget, this bike is also equipped with a control stick and a footrest in addition to the pedals.

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SmartTrike Glow 4 in 1 Baby Trike

For those of you who have a large budget; we recommend this bike because it can accommodate all the needs of children while cycling. Seat belts, control sticks, backrests, canopies, footrests, and storage pockets are provided by this bike. Tires made of premium plastic stand up to all roads.

This bike is categorized as an all-in-one tricycle. With complete safety features, the SmarTrike Glow 4 in 1 Baby Trike can also be used from children aged 10 months, you know! When the child is 1 year old and up; and wants to move more freely, you can remove other components; such as the sunshade, belt, and control stick.

List of Tricycle Bike With Affordable Prices

List of Tricycle Bike With Affordable Prices

List of tricycle bike with affordable prices – Yoeyoe Tricycle deserves to be added to your wishlist. This bicycle is assembled from iron material as the main frame. The tires themselves are made of rubber so that children can ride their bicycles on even slippery floors, such as ceramics for example.

However, this bike is not equipped with safety soap and control stick. So, you need to be extra supervising your young child playing with this bike. Push the bike slowly so it doesn’t go too fast. In addition to red, this bike also comes in purple and blue color variants.

Ching Ching Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A

This bike is not designed like a tricycle bike in general, but resembles a racing motorbike. In other words, this product, which is more like a police motorcycle, is perfect for your little boy. Made from a combination of quality plastic and metal, the Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A is able to withstand loads of up to 35 kg.

This tricycle is quite complete in terms of security, starting from the seat belt and the back of the bench can be found. Not only that, Ching Ching also equips it with a control stick to make it easier for you to push and steer the bike. If you want to train your child’s gross motor skills, this bike has also been provided with front and rear brake pedals, you know!

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Family Tricycle Bee Model

It’s nice to take the kids for a walk in the afternoon. However, the sun’s rays are still strong to make many mothers discouraged. Therefore, Family presents a family tricycle with the addition of a hood or head protection. With the canopy, your child can avoid direct sunlight entering the child’s upper body area.

In addition to the canopy, this bike also provides a control stick. This bicycle can be used by girls or boys; because there are actually variants of other characters and colors that can be adjusted by the child’s character. The existence of a seat belt and suspension system on the wheels makes it safer and more comfortable for children.