Best Kids Bike Review

Best Kids Bike Review

Best Kids Bike Review. Thrill Push Bike. A children’s bicycle without pedals and a standard or commonly called a strider will be a loyal playmate for your child. This Push Bike from Thrill can encourage a child’s ability to control their body balance from an early age. The bicycle frame is made of premium alloy material, making it stronger and lighter.

If you need a bicycle that is light and not easily damaged, of course this one product is perfect for buying it for your child. The Thrill Push Bike itself is not equipped with a brake handle so your child doesn’t have to double his concentration to control the bike while simultaneously pressing the brakes suddenly. This product comes in 5 different color choices, your child can choose according to their preferences!

Element MTB RMB Venice 12 ″

This bicycle with a weight of 8.9 is certainly quite heavy. However, Element matches the weight of this kid’s bike with a variety of extras. Like on the back there is an additional seat with soft pads. Your children can ride with friends or for those of you who have 2 small children with a not-so-far age difference, they can also ride on each other.

Not only that, this children’s bicycle is also equipped with a medium sized basket to load a number of your child’s items. The iron material used ensures that this bike is stronger and not easily broken. The eye catching color of this bike will suit your daughter.

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United Bike Aero

United Bike designed this kids bike complete with a drinking bottle storage area under the saddle or seat. With this drinking bottle, of course your child can play longer without worrying about feeling thirsty and ruining his fun. United Bike relies on magnesium alloy which allows your child to lift the bike to the park or field more easily.

Apart from being light in weight, this material is also known to be stronger and more durable. On the chain, there is a cover to prevent children’s pants from getting caught or other unwanted things from happening. Not finished, United Bike also added a brake with a cable that slipped into the body of the bicycle frame; so that it wouldn’t interfere with your child’s performance while playing.

The Perfect Kids Bike

The Perfect Kids Bike

The Perfect Kids Bike. If the height of the bicycle can help the child to land perfectly, then the presence or absence of brakes is no longer a problem. Especially at the age of 2 – 4 years, they will find it difficult to hit the brakes on time. The brakes also require power on the child’s fingers so that the presence of these brakes will actually make it difficult for children to stop using the brakes.

However, you can still buy a child bicycle that comes with brakes. We recommend that your child who is over 4 years old use this kind of bicycle. The goal is to train his hand skills so that he will adapt more quickly when transitioning using a two-wheeled bicycle. Your next homework may just be training your child to improve her balance.

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Choose a bike with a light weight

The weight of the bicycle will determine whether or not the kids bike is comfortable when riding by your child. The average weight of a bicycle that is categorized as light ranges from 3 – 6 kg. Of course, every child has different arm strength. By ensuring the weight of the bike is light, your child will have more freedom when he wants to guide or even lift the bike.

Bicycles with light weights will also make it easier for children to control or guide them. The difference in weight between one bicycle and another can be found in the height and length of the bicycle. However, the biggest influence is the variation in the weight of this bicycle because the materials used by manufacturers are not necessarily the same as products made by other manufacturers. You can ask the seller about this to find out valid information.

After understanding the points that are used as reference in choosing a bicycle; then you will show the ten best recommendations for children’s bikes. In this list, there are various shapes, features, sizes; and colors of bicycles that can be adjusted to the age or height of your child. Happy choosing!

Choosing Suitable Bike for Kids

Choosing Suitable Bike for Kids

Choosing Suitable Bike for Kids. Cycling is one of the most popular activities for children. But, did you know that to be able to use two-wheeled bicycles, children also need to be trained on special children’s bicycles? Generally, bicycles for children are designed with two wheels on the back. However, there are also two-wheeled bicycles that are not accompanied by pedals so that children can train their leg strength.

Of the many choices of bicycles from United, Polygon, and Element, of course you will be a little confused to choose which one is the most appropriate, right? Don’t worry, we will review how to choose and show you the ten best children’s bikes for you. In this article, we will discuss briefly and clearly. Ready? Come on, take a look at the discussion!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Kids Bike

In each age category, children need to use a bicycle that is appropriate for their age. Apart from that, there are also other points to consider when searching for a children’s bicycle. To find out more, please read the section on how to choose this children’s bike carefully.

Of course you have to adjust the bike to the child’s age

Age will be the easiest reference in determining a bike for your child. Usually listed age recommendations on the specifications of each child’s bike. That way, it will be easier for you to adjust. In general, children’s bicycles are designed for the needs of children aged from 2-3 years.

In addition to age, you also need to determine the ideal height of the child for the bike you want to buy. Make sure the child is able to put their feet perfectly on the road surface. If the height is adequate, the child will have more freedom in accelerating or stopping the bicycle. Considering that there are quite a number of children’s bicycles without brakes, the use of a bicycle with the right height will support its safety when playing.

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Pay attention to the availability of brakes on the bicycle handlebars

You will see many children’s bicycles with or without brakes on the handlebars. For the general view, of course, bicycles with brakes are considered safer, right? However, the average child at an early age does not have the agility to press the brakes. Therefore, it would be better if the bicycle used has the right height or the handle of the saddle can be adjusted in height.

Safe and Certified Bike Helmet Recommendation

Safe and Certified Bike Helmet Recommendation

Safe and Certified Bike Helmet Recommendation. Endura Luminite Helmet Bike Helmet. This product has been certified to CE standard EN10778: 2012 + A1: 2012. In other words, the proven process of testing to ensure its resistance to all levels of impact. Besides ensuring safety, Endura Luminite Helmet is also released in various sizes, from S – L.

This round type bicycle helmet is equipped with a visor that can be removed if you are not using it. The LED light on the back can be a signal that there are cyclists when it is worn at night. One more thing, this product is also equipped with anti-bug and anti-bacterial nets.

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Bicycle Helmet Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US

At first glance, the Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L14 US looks simple. However, when you tap on the top, a strong material wraps around the entire helmet body. Of course, the strength of this product has been tested regarding the quality of the material and its durability from impact.

SNI standard, this product is suitable to accompany your touring activities with your bicycle club. For this series, Bell chose a dove gray color over the entire surface so that it is not too flashy on the eye. Perfect for those of you who like simplicity!

Aerogo Gloss Titanium Bicycle Helmet

You’re on a tight budget but still want a bike helmet that guarantees optimal protection? We recommend that you choose this Aerogo Gloss Titanium. Less than 400 thousand rupiah, you can use this product wherever you want to speed your bike.

Helmet with cellulose structure on polyurethane foam not only acts as a pain reliever when an impact occurs, but keeps the scalp fresh because it contains millions of small cells that act as air vents.

Avand A-20 Bicycle Helmet

The Avand A-20 contains a distinctive dove black surface, suitable for those of you who don’t like a helmet with a shiny appearance. The best bicycle helmet is designed for the average Indonesian who has an oval head type with a head circumference between 57 and 61 cm.

The minimalist design is even more slick thanks to the support of comfort from within. To ensure cyclists feel comfortable wearing it for a long time, Avand relies on a combination of materials in the form of Styrofoam EPU fiber, foam, and 300D so that it is so soft and does not cause excessive pain when you fall which causes your head to hit the road.

Inbike, Limar, and Cairbull Bike Helmets Review

Inbike, Limar, and Cairbull Bike Helmets Review

Inbike, Limar, and Cairbull Bike Helmets Review. Inbike MX-3 Bike Helmet. If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that is suitable for women, of course the color factor can be a major aspect that needs attention. Inbike MX-3 comes in various color choices, from black, yellow and blue combined with the basic gray color. If you are a woman who has trouble finding a helmet, Inbike also offers a pink color so that it remains feminine.

So that your eyes are not prone to dust or glare from sun rays, this bike helmet is equipped with a visor that you can use as needed. This product is available in various sizes, starting from M for head circumference of 56 – 59 cm and size L which can be used by head circumference of 59 – 62 cm.

Bicycle Helmet Limar 778 Superlight

Take a relaxing bike ride at the foot of a mountain; or take part in a race on a car free day that requires you to wear a helmet. In order for these desires to be fulfilled, Limar 778 Superlight is here as the best option. This product is equipped with an insect repellent net; that will prevent insects from landing on your head and damaging your concentration.

Limar includes monoshell in-mold technology which is tough and comfortable even if you wear this best bicycle helmet for hours. Not to be missed, 24 air vents that are scattered at several points; ensure your head is free from burning and itching due to poor air circulation.

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Cairbull 04 MTB Bike Helmet

Cairbull 04 is widely used by cycling enthusiasts. We also recommend this product for those of you who want to participate in a bicycle race. Designed with a round entry, this helmet is also composed of materials that are tough and impact resistant.

Whether it’s a race or a casual bike ride; you can use the included goggles to protect your eyes from dust and exposure to direct sunlight. To ensure user safety, Cairbull uses EPS foam weighing 108 grams; so that the head does not hurt from the impact of the helmet when passing through turbulent roads.

List of The Best Bike Helmets

List of The Best Bike Helmets

List of The Best Bike Helmets. Below has been prepared a list of the best bicycle helmets for your reference if you want to buy them online. Some are intended for children so that those of you who are married and have children can be calm even if they let the children ride alone. Happy choosing, yes!

1. Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange

In the first place, we recommend the bicycle helmet formulated by the famous brand Polygon. This helmet is designed for the needs of children from 3 – 8 years old. Besides being suitable for cycling, Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange is also ideal for other activities such as skateboarding.

Polygon ensures this product is safe and comfortable to use thanks to its glue-on-shell technology. With this technology, the soft and lightweight helmet shell and EPS foam will hold together firmly. In addition, EPS or expanded polystyrene is a foam that can reduce injury when there is an impact.

2. Genio G16 Bike Helmet

The attractive impression shown by this helmet will make you more confident in riding the bicycle pedals. Genio claims this product provides optimal protection for the head during an impact. Not only that, this helmet is also able to protect your face from sun exposure.

To block direct sunlight hitting the face, Genio 16 has been equipped with a visor. This product comes in all sizes so you need to adjust it first until it fits perfectly. The entries can be tightened by simply turning the knob.

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3. Rockbros WT012 Bicycle Helmet

Rockbros WT012 can be the ideal option for those of you who have a large head size. The entry on this helmet can be adjusted following the head circumference from 57 to 62 cm. The dominant red color with a touch of white creates an attractive impression.

Rockbros believes in EPS and PC material so that it gives a cool impression on the outside and is comfortable on the inside. The holes that make the helmet’s unique design work as air vents. So, even driving in the middle of the day doesn’t make your hair stifling because the air inside the bike helmet is well circulated.

Choosing Bike Helmet Based on Needs

Choosing Bike Helmet Based on Needs

Choosing Bike Helmet Based on Needs. If you look at the design, choose an attractive one. When speeding on a bicycle, people may not only be fixated on the bicycle you are using, but also the helmet that fits over your head. If you want to look like a good cyclist, then use a helmet that is designed aerodynamically. This kind of helmet usually looks more attractive and cool.

However, it should also be noted that cool and fashionable bicycle helmets are generally complete with additional features. Then, usually helmets with attractive designs are sold at high prices above Rp. 200,000. So, be prepared to spend more if you pay attention to the aspects of style when cycling.

Choose a helmet that has good air ventilation

Only a few Indonesians choose to ride a bicycle to come to the office, campus, or to the nearest minimarket / supermarket. However, wherever the purpose is, wearing a helmet is actually an obligation so that the risk of a direct collision with the road is minimized when wearing a helmet.

For example, if you want to get used to wearing a helmet while cycling, make sure the product of your choice offers comfort. In this case, an aspect that needs to be considered is the presence of air vents on the helmet. After checking for ventilation, also make sure that the air ventilation is good for circulating air. This way, your hair will not be weighed down from sweat.

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Want to enter a race? Choose an official bicycle helmet

Have you decided to take part in the marathon bicycle race that is being held downtown? Of course a bicycle helmet is the main requirement to participate. When choosing a helmet, pay attention to the certifications that each product has pocketed.

A bicycle helmet that has been accredited by JCF or labeled SNI will ensure your safety. These specially designed helmets generally have a light weight in order to reduce fatigue during long-term use. In addition, the helmet shell is also stronger than the impact so that the risk of leakage is also smaller.

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How to Choose The Right Bike Helmet

How to Choose The Right Bike Helmet

How to Choose The Right Bike Helmet. Cycling is one of the fun activities. Exercising on your bicycle in the morning or during the day will help your body stay in shape. When cycling, besides paying attention to the quality of your bicycle, you should also start thinking about safety by always wearing a bicycle helmet. Many people still ignore wearing bicycle helmets, hopefully you won’t, yes!

A bicycle helmet will protect your head from impact when you fall. In addition, bicycle helmets can also protect hair from being damaged by dust and vehicle pollution. If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet, through this article we will invite you to choose the right bicycle helmet. Not to forget, we also provide recommendations for the best bicycle helmets for you to choose and buy!

Bicycle helmet manufacturers, such as Polygon, Cairbull, and Avand are competing to create the best quality products. Because there are so many choices, those of you who might be buying a bicycle helmet for the first time will be confused. That is why, we will first explain the points of consideration in choosing a good bicycle helmet. Let’s look at it in full in this section.

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Choose an entry or head hole that matches the shape of the head

Because helmets are designed for safety purposes when cycling, the model or design is a factor that must be seconded. We recommend that you prioritize the quality offered by each helmet in terms of safety. This will certainly provide extra protection for your head when an accident occurs.

The entry helmet model is the main point that is very important to consider when choosing a bicycle helmet. The entry or hole that will become the shell for your head must be adjusted to the shape of the head. Currently, manufacturers present helmets with entry models for round and oval heads.

According to a website, it is stated that most Indonesians have an oval head shape. The good news is, there are a lot of bicycle helmets with holes designed for the shape of an oblong head. However, those of you who have a round head need not be discouraged because bicycle helmets with round types are also widely produced.

Thanks for reading this bike helmet recommendation article.

Thrill Volare 3.0 and 4.0 Bike Review

Thrill Volare 3.0 and 4.0 Bike Review

Thrill Volare 3.0 and 4.0 Bike Review. Thrill Volare 3.0. After the release of Thrill Volare 2.0, Thrill is back with a new generation, namely the third generation with the name Thrill Hybrid Bike Volare 3.0 which is designed to be slightly upright, so as to provide comfort in using this bike.

This hybrid bicycle is perfect for those of you who want to ride a bicycle with daily activities, but still prioritize comfort when using a bicycle.

Because it is undeniable that the discomfort when cycling can be found anytime and anywhere, so choosing a bicycle needs to consider its comfort.

This Thrill Volare 3.0 bike can be used as a recommendation for the best hybrid bikes for those of you bikers who are looking for comfort while cycling.

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Polygon Path 2 bike

Polygon again presents the latest series for their hybrid bicycle collection which is specifically for teenagers or adults, namely the Polygon Path 2 bicycle.

It has an 8 × 3 speed option from Shimano, to drive on various inclines and provide a comfortable ride. Using Tektro manufacturer’s mechanical disc brakes. There is a cable route on the inside, making it a neat and stylish look.

Ergonomically shaped handrails adjust the shape of the palm grip for increased comfort, especially during long rides. This bike can be an excellent recommendation and alternative material for you as the best hybrid bicycle.

Volare 4.0 Thrill Bike

Is the highest generation of Thrill. Thrill Volare 4.0 is design to be slightly upright like the previous generation Thrill Volare 3.0; thus providing comfort in cycling.

This hybrid bike is perfect for those of you who want to ride a bicycle with daily activities; but still prioritize comfort when using a bicycle. Could be a recommendation for the best hybrid bikes; for those of you bikers who are looking for comfort while cycling.

Hybrid Bikes Recommendation

Hybrid Bikes Recommendation

Hybrid Bikes Recommendation. B’TWIN Riverside 100 Matt. One product that has a new geometric design that provides comfort when cycling. It has excellent wear flexibility and is suitable for driving on paved roads and trails.

It also features a steel saddle holder with quick release clamp for added safety. Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 100 Matt can be the best hybrid bike option for those of you who consider comfort and safety while cycling.

Polygon Heist X2 bike

Are you looking for a hybrid bicycle product that is safe and lightweight and professionally assembled from Polygon? If so, Polygon Heist X2 could be an option for you. One of the most popular hybrid bicycle products from Polygon and combines the most urban features and is widely used in all corners of the world.

Polygon Heist X2 is equipped with a fairly grip brake disc, which makes this bike very safe for beginners to ride. Not only that, this bike already uses the hydraulic feature, which has almost the same braking as a motorcycle. Polygon Heist X2 is one of the best hybrid bikes recommended for you.

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Volare Thrill Bike 1.0

Another bicycle brand that also produces hybrid bikes is Thrill Volare. The first generation of Thrill Volare is Thrill Volare 1.0. This bike series has been equipped with a Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake on the braking system, making the Volare Thrill easier to use for beginner users. It has a cool black design, with a flatter fork, which makes it look more sturdy and aerodynamic.

With a 10 x 3 speed option, it can handle a variety of inclined terrain and provide a comfortable ride. Equipped with a cable that is on the inside to make it look neat and stylish, as well as wheels that can be assembled easily and quickly without using tools. Use of hydraulic disc brakes for optimal braking.

The ergonomically shaped bicycle handler adjusts the shape of the palm grip to increase comfort, especially during long rides. Thrill Volare 1.0 is one of the best hybrid bikes recommended for those of you who want to ride on a variety of inclines.

Hybrid Bikes Main Characteristics

Hybrid Bikes Main Characteristics

Hybrid Bikes Main Characteristics. Hybrid bicycle handlebar or handlebar straight and elongated. Another characteristic of hybrid bikes is the shape of the handlebar or handlebar which is straight and elongated so that it can keep you upright when riding a hybrid bicycle.

It’s different if you’re riding a race bike where you have to keep your head down the whole way. Bowing can sometimes increase speed, but especially for this hybrid bicycle, stay upright so that your position can remain balanced when crossing steep terrain.

Hybrid bikes do not have suspension like mountain bikes

One of the things that makes hybrid bikes cheaper than mountain bike is that they do not have the suspension that is usually installed on mountain bikes. The function of installing the suspension is to reduce shocks that occur when crossing steep roads.

The way the suspension works itself is to hold the pressure generated due to a collision, then store it and then release the energy through damping, so that the energy generated from the impact does not hit the rider.

For cycling safety, you have to be careful when driving using the best hybrid bike of your choice; even if you don’t cross the steep roads on the mountain, huh! This needs to be done because the bumpy road due to damage will also make you feel the shocks.

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Hybrid bikes are also sold online through various platforms, such as marketplaces, websites, social media, and so on. However, it’s a good idea to check in detail if you are going to buy it online. So, here are ten recommendations for the best hybrid bikes from this article that can add to your references.

Thanks for reading this article about hybrid bike general knowledge that is titled “Hybrid Bikes Main Characteristics”

Tabibitho 26 "Mischief 2.0 Bike Review

Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 Bike Review

Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 Bike Review. Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 is good for traveling in urban and also good for fitness purposes. The frame which is made of lightweight aluminum is designed with a futuristic and attractive appearance. Each existing cable is arranged with an inner cable routing system which makes each cable more organized to make it look neat. That’s why this bike gives an elegant impression to anyone who rides it.

Besides being good in appearance, the bike from Tabibitho is also good in other features. For example, in the fork, they do not hesitate to use the well-known zoom suspension which is good and comfortable when riding a bicycle. The brakes that are made are also discs, so they can provide a sense of security when driving. With an elegant design and giving a sense of comfort, you can choose this mountain bike to be your mountain bike.


To determine your preferred mountain bike, you only need to choose which bicycle product makes you feel comfortable. Usually, the comfort of using a mountain bike is obtained thanks to its good suspension, comfortable saddle, and easy gear operation. Other than that hybrid bicycle is one of bike types that have to be considered.

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The hallmark of a hybrid bicycle

The best hybrid bikes, of course, have differences with other types of bikes in terms of shape, materials for making hybrid bicycle bodies. Well, this is the hallmark of a hybrid bicycle so that you can find out and distinguish this type of bicycle from other types of bikes.

Hybrid bicycle tires are a combination of racing and mountain bikes

One of the parts that is the result of the combination between racing bike; and mountain bikes is the size of the tires of a hybrid bicycle which is wider; almost like a mountain bike, but the tire type is the same as a racing bicycle.

In addition, the tires on the best hybrid bikes are not thicker than mountain bikes; but they are still thicker than those of racing bikes so that they can run steadily; when crossing bumpy roads and going fast on straight roads. Have you started to understand the difference between a hybrid bicycle and other bikes?

Viva Cycle and Polygon Monarch Bike Review

Viva Cycle and Polygon Monarch Bike Review

Viva Cycle and Polygon Monarch Bike Review. Viva Cycle MTB 26 “Morelli 560 V2.0. The best mountain bike made by Viva Cycle this one has a compact size, aka small enough for the size of a mountain bike. But because of that, this bike is very suitable for use from small children to adults. Even though we call it small, it is not very small, so that adults are still suitable to wear it on roads or rather rocky terrain. With this size, this bicycle is suitable for carrying anywhere by car or train without worrying about taking up excess space.

Apart from relying on its size, this bike is also good in terms of comfort and safety. By using a hi-ten frame, it makes the body feel firmer when used for driving. The brakes they use are also disc brakes, so stopping the bike feels better. Thanks to all these things, you can make this bike as a driving tool for your child or yourself.

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Polygon Monarch 2 Lady

The best mountain bike Polygon Monarch 2 Lady offers simplicity and ease of use. The v-brake braking system on this bike is indeed simple, but it saves more maintenance costs if something goes wrong. Gear operation is also very easy, you only need to change it with your index finger and thumb to the desired gear mode. These two things make this bike very easy to operate.

In addition, the best mountain bikes are also comfortable to use. The built-in shockbaker is made from the manufacturer Zoom which is already well known for producing shockbakers. To make it more comfortable, Polygon Monarch 2 Lady provides an ergonomic suspension, making it suitable when used on the highway or in slightly rocky terrain. Because it is easy to operate and comfortable, men or women will be suitable if you want to drive it.

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Polygon Xtrada and United Nucleus Bike Review

Polygon Xtrada and United Nucleus Bike Review

Polygon Xtrada and United Nucleus Bike Review. Polygon Xtrada 2X10. Apart from Monarch 5, there are still more Polygon products that have good quality, one of which is Polygon Xtrada 6 2X10. One thing that this bike relies on is the hydraulic disc brake, a brake that is used on motorized vehicles, so the delivery process will feel more gripped. They not only feature the brakes, but also the wheel fit size system, which is a system where the frame size with the wheels is made similar, so that it is stable when driving.

The frame used is not an arbitrary frame, because Polygon uses an ALX 6061 hydro formed alloy frame which is light and strong and anti-rust. To be more comfortable when driving; Xtrada 6 uses a 10 speed gear to make it more flexible when driving on various terrains. With all its advantages, this bike is definitely worth considering if you want a stable and tough adrenaline mountain bike when used for outdoor cycling.


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United Bike Nucleus 3.00

United uses hydraulic brakes on its mountain bike series United Bike Nucleus 3.00. With this kind of brake, this bicycle already has grip brakes, making it safer and more comfortable to ride. To make it more comfortable, United deliberately used the Velo saddle; which is known to be soft and comfortable when ridden.

To make it even more comfortable, this bike makes it easy for the wearer to change gears; so they can adjust the speed quickly. Even better, the tires used are tires with a size of 27.5; and a width of 2.20 which support them in a more stable bulldozer of all ground surfaces. To make it more suitable for tough terrain, this bike uses a strong and anti-rust alloy frame. With all these things, making it suitable for use on the road or even on the mountain.

Pacific Invert 500 and Polygon Monarch 5 Bike Review

Pacific Invert 500 and Polygon Monarch 5 Bike Review

Pacific Invert 500 and Polygon Monarch 5 Bike Review. The brakes used by the Pacific Invert 500 bike have the same hydraulic technology as a motorized vehicle braking system. By using this technology, this bike is able to produce good brakes. The suspension is also front and rear, making it very comfortable when there is an impact when riding this bike. What is unique about this best mountain bike is that the suspension on the front can be locked, so that when you use it on city streets, it will still feel comfortable.

This Pacific bike is very easy to operate, including shifting gears, because you only need to change gears with your thumb and index finger. Apart from being easy to operate, this bike is also durable, considering that the material embedded in the frame is an alloy frame which is known to be strong and resistant to rust. With all the features above, it is only natural that this bicycle with a large tire size of 26 × 1.95 is very suitable for use on rocky terrain or on smooth roads.

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Polygon Monarch 5

As many people already know, Polygon is a local bicycle brand that has been crisscrossing the international bicycle world. One of its flagship MTB mountain bike products is the Polygon Monarch 5, with a frame made of AL6 alloy frame. Thanks to this frame, this bike has strong durability even though it is light and is able to avoid rust.

Not only made of good materials, these Polygon bikes are also comfortable to use; whether for cycling, sightseeing, or hiking adventures. This is because this bike uses mechanical disc brakes which are proven to be good when used to brake. For gear, they use Shimano Tourney; which is often used by other racing mountain bikes, because the gear is of high quality. For those of you who want to use a mountain bike that is tough; but still comfortable to wear, this bike is perfect for use.

United Detroit 1.0 and Crossline 3.00 Bike Review

United Detroit 1.0 and Crossline 3.00 Bike Review

United Detroit 1.0 and Crossline 3.00 Bike Review. One of the things that is unique about the MTB United Bike Detroit 1.0 is the tire size which is fairly large, which is 27.5 inches. Its size makes it look manly and sturdy, it also makes it optimal when it rubs against slippery or rocky ground. In addition to good tires, the bike made by United also has a good braking system, which uses disc brakes for the front and rear brakes. Thanks to this, the disc brakes on this bike feel more gripped and provide a sense of security.

When riding on a United Bike Detroit 1.0 bike, it will feel good, because it is supported by the Breach T80mm suspension which is good at reducing vibrations. To make it even better and stronger for cycling, then the bike chooses to use an alloy frame. With this material, the bicycle frame can be stronger and also resistant to rust. If you want to feel the safety and comfort of cycling, then this bike from United can be your choice.

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United Bike Crossline 3.00

For those of you who want to cycle in various fields, whether road or rocky, then you can use United Bike Crossline 3.00. This Mountain Bike is already full suspension, so it is suitable when used on all terrains, including off-road terrain. To make it more stable when used for off-road; this bike uses a Crossline Hydra alloy 16 “frame that has been tested strong and anti-rust. The tires are also large and wide, measuring 26 × 2.10, which makes traction to the ground more optimal.

To make it easier for bikers to ride; the United bike has many modes of passing that are easy to pass with a finger. The brakes that are used also have mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear, making them have grip brakes. In order for the rider to be comfortable; the bicycle is equipped with a 380 zoom fork which can withstand excessive shocks. All of the above makes it suitable for cycling with rocky or slippery terrain.

Mountain Bikes Recommendation

Mountain Bikes Recommendation

Mountain Bikes Recommendation. Cycling is a sport that is both fun and healthy. To do this sport, you must use a bicycle, whether a mountain bike, BMX, folding bicycle or even a retro onthel bicycle. One type of bicycle that is currently frequently used is mountain bikes, apart from being suitable for difficult terrain like mountains, these bikes are also suitable for use on smooth city roads.

Unlike ordinary bikes, mountain bikes have stronger components, especially the body and tires. This is done because the bike is designed to be ridden on quite heavy terrain, like mountains or off-road. Therefore, this type of bicycle has good durability, so many people buy it, even though it is not used for cycling on rocky terrain. the price is quite varied, from prices below 1 million to bikes with the most expensive prices.

Currently there are many brands and models that sell quality mountain bikes. This makes many consumers confused about choosing various models that are sold in the market. Famous brands such as Polygon, United, Pacific, and others, such as competing to make the best mountain bike products that consumers like the most. You might be a little confused if you want to buy it. Therefore, you can make a review of the recommended mountain bike options from as a reference in choosing the best model in your opinion.

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Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0

As a unisex mountain bike, the Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0 is perfect for both men and women. This happens because, this bike is easy to operate, including the process of changing gears. You only need to use your thumb and index finger to shift each gear, making it easier for you to face uphill terrain and provide flexibility when cycling. The disc brakes are also gripping, giving the rider an excessive sense of security.

Its good design combines with quality components, making it durable and long lasting. Even though the frame is light, there are many main components that are good; because many of the components are manufactured by Shimano, which is well known for producing bicycle spare parts. To make it even more stable, this bicycle product has a Zoom 525D suspension that is soft; and tough to face terrain in the form of roads or a little off-ride. For those of you who want to ride a bicycle on a rather extreme road; or terrain, you can try this mountain bike from Thrill.

Tern Link B7 and United Trifold 3 Folding Bikes

Tern Link B7 and United Trifold 3 Folding Bikes

Tern Link B7 and United Trifold 3 Folding Bikes. Still can’t find a suitable product? Relax, we still have another option for you, namely Tern Link B7. You can choose this lightweight folding bicycle to accompany sightseeing and sports activities in the morning or evening while seeing the scenery around the city or village. This folding bicycle from Tern has a cool design, very suitable for use by adults without the need to feel embarrassed because it looks like a child’s bicycle.

Out of the discussion about design, this Tern Link B7 folding bike is also specially designed for people who have a hobby of exercising, especially cycling. Each user can explore many roads using this folding bicycle. One of the conveniences offered is that users of this folding bike can fold it in less than 10 minutes. So, if you want to bring this bicycle to a car free day event, you don’t need to disturb other passengers, for example, riding a train or other means of transportation.

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United Trifold 3

In addition to the Quest C1.02 series, Uniter also has another excellent folding bike called United Trifold 3. This local folding bicycle has an attractive, compact, and very compact design. With these advantages, each owner does not need to be confused about where to put this bicycle because it will not take up much space at home. In fact, to be stored in the trunk of the car is also possible because of the mini dimensions of this bicycle once folded.

Regarding the specifications itself, United Trifold 3 is designed from aluminum alloy material which is definitely lightweight. This folding bike has a size of 16 inches. In terms of appearance it may look small, but if used for adults it can and is still suitable. Then discussing the drive system, United Trifold 3 has been equipped with a 1 × 3 speed drivetrai from Shimano Nexus; which makes it minimal maintenance and looks simple compared to folding bikes in general.

For other equipment, it can be found on the fender or rear fender; which has small wheels, which make it easier for users to carry this bike without having to be lifted; so it only needs to be pushed half-folded. Of the many features it has, United apparently only markets this bike with a price range of 3 million. Who isn’t interested?

United Quest and Us Military Element Folding Bike

United Quest and Us Military Element Folding Bike

United Quest and US Military element folding bike. Cycling is now even more exciting if you use the best quality folding bikes from United. United as one of the number one bicycle manufacturing companies has provided many advantages to the best folding bike, United Quest C1.02. First, it can be seen from the bicycle frame which is made of sturdy iron material so that the bicycle can last a long time even though it is used with high intensity.

Then for the front shock that folding bikes generally don’t have, United includes this device with a suspension component that keeps the bike stable when traveling on uneven roads. In the shifting part, United equips this bike with Rear Derailleur Shimano 6 SP; which makes this bike ideal for daily needs. The brakes on this folding bike; which is an important part of ensuring the safety of the rider are also very well designed. Untied uses Alloy V-Brake for the front and rear so that it meets the required safety standards.

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US Military element

Do you want to use a folding bicycle that is durable with a really male frame and design? You can choose the US Military Element. Different from the Element products that we have listed in the first point; for this series Element upholds the capabilities of bicycles. This is evidence by the ability of this bike to pass through the highway and slightly off-road. The existence of a good suspension; and hydraulic brake system makes this bike ideal for going through a slightly tough terrain.

Talking about the frame, of course this folding bike from Element is also made of lightweight alloy and is resistant to rust. As for the performance itself, this bike has excellent handling responsibility; to provide comfort when using a bicycle over long distances. This bike is also magical because it has 27 speed options; that can be adjust according to road conditions, especially when climbing.

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike

Xiaomi Mi and Texas Police Folding Bike. Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Folding Bike. The Chinese company, which has been known to the Indonesian public for its cheap smartphone products, has also issued products other than smartphones. That’s right, Xiaomi has also participated in producing a folding bike called the Xiaomi Mi Qicycle. In fact, Xiaomi also has another bicycle series, the Mi Drone, which has the ability to record video up to 4k resolution.

For the Mi Qicycle series itself, Xiaomi has also paired a number of advanced technologies and features that will make users feel proud to own them. These features include a bike tracker that is connect to the application. This bike can also record the distance traveled, speed, GPS, and even the calories burned during use. Any technology contain in this folding bicycle can be used after the electric power on this bicycle has been charged.

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Texas Police Folding Bike

The minimalist design makes the Texas Police folding bike popular with many people. The combination of blue, black, and a nice little yellow make this bike very interesting to look at. Then, how about the performance of this folding bike?; Texas Police folding bikes themselves also meet the criteria as quality folding bikes in general, namely having a lightweight and anti-rust frame.

This premium folding bicycle disc brake part is quite gripping if it hasn’t been damage. For the gear operation, you can set up to 7 speed options to make it easier for users to navigate flat or uphill roads. This bicycle also meets the standards which can be seen in the status of meeting SNI. On the back of the Texas Police folding bike, a pillion and trunk are include.

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Recommended Folding Bike Brand

Recommended Folding Bike Brand

Switching to the next recommended folding bike brand is Evergreen Folding Bike. Evergreen Folding Bike 20″.  Just like Element, this product from Evergreen also has a tire size of 20 inches. Bicycles that are easy to fold have a lift made of high quality high tensile steel. This bike design may be standard, but still looks trendy and attractive to look at.

This best folding bicycle is suitable as a gift for children because it has a v-brake brake system so it is safer. The braking system makes the brakes grip and softer when used. For the speed section itself, you can set up to 6 times the teeth with just one right thumb. This great children’s folding bicycle from Evergreen has a frame that easily folds, is in the center of the bar and on the handlebar just by pressing or pulling the QR when you want to fold or reattach it.

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Polygon Urbano Folding Bike 3

Polygon has experience in creating quality bicycle products, including folding bikes. One of the best folding bikes from Polygon is the Polygon Urbano 3, which is sold at a price range of 4 million. With such an expensive price, Polygon certainly doesn’t want to disappoint its customers. This is evidenced by Polygon’s seriousness in designing this original folding bike.

Polygon Urbano 3 is specially made for urban riders who have limited storage space. The frame of this folding bike is rust resistant and of course lightweight. For the parts that can be folded on this bicycle are located on the handlebars, pedals, middle frame and rear wheel. This best folding bike is equipped with 7 speed options that can be adjusted simply by shifting gears. This product also allows users to carry drinks or other items because of the luggage at the back.

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The Best Folding Bikes

The Best Folding Bikes

The best folding bikes are bikes that are designed to make it easier and more efficient when used by making a touch of innovation so that they can adapt to the growing era. However, the folding bicycle was created not only to achieve this goal, but also prioritize a more flexible and practical use. This folding bicycle is very suitable for use for children and adults when on vacation such as to the top, villages, and recreational areas that have other large areas because of the ease with which they can be folded and carried everywhere.

Best Folding Bike

Besides being practical and flexible to use and carry everywhere, folding bikes also look more stylish and unique. The use of this folding bicycle is only ideal for flat roads, such as on paved, conblocked, or already casted roads. For heavy and rocky terrain or freestyle, you should avoid using folding bikes. Roads with lots of holes also need to be avoided because folding bike generally do not have front shocks. For the price, folding bikes have quite varied prices, some are priced at low prices below 1 million, above 1 million; there are even folding bikes that are priced at tens of millions.

After knowing a little information about the use of folding bikes; then we will provide recommendations for the best folding bikes that have proven quality. We share this list of folding bikes with a wide selection of brands, prices; and models for children or adults so you can customize them for gifts; for use alone for daily exercise or other needs.

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Ecosmo Element Folding Bike 20

Element has a large selection of quality folding bikes with a variety of price options, from quite cheap to expensive. For the first one, we recommend that you choose the Element Ecosmo 20 inch tire size. The frame or frame of this nice and inexpensive folding bicycle is made of lightweight alloy and is rust resistant. For those who don’t know, alloy is a mixture of metal which is often used as the main ingredient for bicycle accessories or frames, such as the Element Ecosmo 20.

Element’s best folding bike can be your workout companion every day. The features applied to this bike include 7 speed options (gear shift); with a Shimano shifter that can adapt to various road conditions and provide flexibility in cycling. With durability, aka high durability, this folding bike with 20-inch tires does not require extra maintenance.

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications

United Clovis 3.1 (27.5) Bike Prices and Specifications. In this increasingly modern era, bicycles have become something that everyone must have like smartphones, because besides being easy to carry sports, bicycles are also very comfortable to relax around the home complex.

If you are a lover of UNITED bikes, then this UNITED Clovis 3.1 (27.5 “) bike might be perfect for you. United’s mountain bike has launched another 27.5-inch MTB bike model, the Clovis model.
United Clovis 3.1 (Yellow Gray)

United Clovis 3.1 bikes have a lightweight and rust-resistant frame and are manufactured with neat welded joints with United’s experienced Quality Control manufacturer. Using an internal cable routing system (the cable paths into the frame) so that it looks tidier and more fashionable.

Having 9 x 2 speed options, this bike is suitable for dealing with various road conditions, using a boost thru axel system, where the bicycle tire hub distance is widened up to 148 mm for stability, so that the rear of the bike will be much more efficient when going through cornering terrain, and more stable in all terrains or when driving at high speed.

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United Clovis 3.1 (Gray)

With a tire measuring 27.5 inches makes this bike more sturdy and manly, in addition to increasing the traction of the tire so that it is less slippery on the road.


User: Teenagers and Adults
Frame (Frame Material): Alloy Internal Cable Routing
Color Options: Yellow Gray and Red Gray, Available Sizes (15 “) and (17”)
Fork (Front Fork): Suntour XCM 32 T120mm Lockout Boost TA
Rear Shock (rear suspension): –
Shifter (Gear Shift): Shimano Alivio 2 x 9 Speed
Front Derailleur (Front Shifters): Shimano Alivio 2 Speed
Rear Derailleur (Rear Gear Shift): Shimano Alivio 9 Speed
Crankset (Crankshaft): Shimano 170mm 22 / 36T
Bottom Bracket (As Crank): Square Tapered
Cassette (Back Tooth): Niseko 11-34T
Chain: YBN
Pedals: Alloy
Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano MT200, 160mm Rotor
Rear Brake: Hydraulics Disc Brake Shimano MT200, 160mm Rotor
Handle Bar (Handlebar): Nautilus 720 x 31.8mm
Stem (Neck Handlebar): Nautilus
Saddle (Saddle): United, Width 140mm
Seatpost (Saddle Pole): Nautilus 350 x 30.9mm
Hub (Axle): 32H Boost TA
Rims (wheels): Double Wall
Tires (Tires): Maxxis Ardent 27.5 x 2.25
Spokes (Radius): 32 Spokes
Extra: –
Tota’s weight: 14.91

Polygon Brand Important Three Aspects

Polygon Brand Important Three Aspects

Polygon Brand Important three aspects are innovation, authenticity and quality.

Every product from POLYGON bikes is of the best quality; because it is done very well by a team of professionals with the innovation of the Ripple Coalition Team. This team consists of engineers, designers, creative thinkers, and riders from Indonesia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and America.

The technological innovation produced by POLYGON has recognized worldwide by the name of the Floating Suspension System; which has been born since 2012, and until now it has entered the 3rd generation.

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The technology use by POLYGON also recognized by the German media “World of MTB”; as authentic technology and contributes to world MTB technology innovation.

Not only there, in 2017, POLYGON bikes also collaborated with NAILD with a vision to provide the best cycling experience by presenting the XQUARONE EX series; with the latest suspension design innovations which claimed to be pioneers in Indonesia and even in the world.

The collaboration was successful; so that it able to win the Innovation of the Year award by Pinkbike in 2017.

In addition to using the best technology that has recognized by the world; POLYGON bikes in making production also always make production with variants that are always fresh every year; with the latest color modifications, decals, technology and parts with the aim of improving the performance; and quality of bikes that produced for lovers. bicycle, enthusiast, and professional athlete.

Another achievement from POLYGON bikes in the world arena is related to the achievement of POLYGON, which until now its products are trusted by the Polygon UR Team; which in 2017 became the world’s number one downhill team, as their flagship bike to run in the UCI DH World Cup series and used by world-class freeriders professional Kurt Sorge to win 2 times the World’s Extreme Freeride Competition Champion.

That is at least the complete history of POLYGON bicycles which quality is no longer in doubt.

Polygon Bicycle Brand History

Polygon Bicycle Brand History

Polygon Bicycle Brand History. All bicycle lovers, even those who do not like bicycles, must know and have heard of the POLYGON bicycle brand.

Initially, many people thought that the POLYGON bicycle was a foreign product and not a production that actually made in Indonesia.

But with time, more and more people like to ride bicycles, and the popularity of POLYGON bikes, and the more often national media cover POLYGON bikes, so now many know that these POLYGON bikes are indeed made in Indonesia.

In order for lovers to know more about how POLYGON can be like today, here we discuss the POLYGON bicycle profile which we quote directly from the official POLYGON website.

The Polygon factory which has a Polygon bicycle area tester facility in the Factory Area

History of POLYGON

POLYGON office which is located on Jl. Jawa 393, Ds. Wadungasih, Buduran, Sidoarjo is a local product but the quality is on an international scale.

In fact, POLYGON bicycles have been established since 1989. Before their current size, POLYGON bicycles started only as a small company, which at that time only oriented to produce special bikes for export.

Maybe because initially it focused on the export market; so it is only natural that some people think that this POLYGON bicycle is considered a product from abroad.

During the journey in the first 10 years, POLYGON did many things; especially related to the learning process and focus on preparing for independent brand development.

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Since its inception, POLYGON Bikes has a vision to be a quality bicycle brand not only in the local and national markets, but also in the global market and ready to compete in the international market.

To realize this big vision, in 2000, POLYGON began to expand in the form of factory expansion; and investment to use high-tech production equipment that adapted to international standards.

Polygon continues to grow by having an independent factory, assembly; and distribution network that meets world standards; so that it can continue to control every aspect from the initial idea to the final delivery of high quality bicycles.

With a big vision and mission, POLYGON certainly maintains its big name reputation by continuing to prioritize authenticity, originality; and the best quality in every production of its bicycle.

POLYGON’s long struggle continues to reach the peak of its popularity until finally now; POLYGON Bikes have distributed in 500 outlets spread across various parts of the world; and will continue to grow.

Currently POLYGON sales have reached up to 33 countries and will continue to grow.